Boys In Briefs

When we were 10 or 11 my friend started coming around some days after school. We both wore briefs and when in school and no one was looking we'd rub our ***** together. We used to love gym class which we did in our briefs. We would rub into each other on purpose and sneak behind the gymnasium curtain to feel each others bulges. So he started to come over after school some days and we'd go to my bedroom, take our clothes off down to our briefs and would rub our bulges together and kiss. We loved each others briefs. Then we'd take off our briefs and **** each other off and hump pillows. We would also go out and in public take each others ***** out and **** each other off. Then when we got older and moved to high school we loved changing for PE with all the other boys in boxers and we were in briefs. Having communal showers with all the 12-14 year old guys naked was so much fun for us. We'd get pointed at and bullied because of our briefs or Speedos when swimming, but when we'd get off the school bus back home and ***** off all our clothes down to our briefs to embrace again we didn't care.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

cool briefs and speedos rule I used to go home to my mates house and we would ***** down to our briefs or y-fronts I have to admit when he went out of the bedroom I would go in his underwear drawer and steal a pair of briefs an we used to go swimming together always wore speedos

great story. I also love briefs. Never wore boxers, never will. I never understood why most guys prefer boxers.