Speedo Bullying

I've always worn briefs underwear and Speedo swim briefs all my life, and have been bullied for much of that time because I wear them. I've always been bullied at school for wearing briefs during PE. And when I'd go swimming other boys would taunt me and beat me up because I wore Speedos. It was probably because when I saw a man around in his briefs or swim brief I would have a huge erection in my briefs. Once at the local swimming pool I was showering in my Speedo and another boy younger than was in a Speedo too. He took his Speedo off and so did I, and when he was washing his hair I rubbed my penis on his stomach, and rubbed my Speedo into his back. We started to kiss and he moaned so loudly as I thrust my penis against his. Some guys heard and came into the showers and saw us. So they put our speedos back on us, wedgied us and hung us off the hangers on the walls using our Speedos. I was so erect because it turned me on so much, but the other boy cried.
chavboy19 chavboy19
Jan 20, 2013