Buying Briefs And Slips

I've always worn briefs and don' care about what people say. I normally get called names in the locker changing rooms because I wear briefs instead of boxers but I love them so I don't care.

I went briefs shopping to Sports Direct, Primark and Debenhams and every store I bought briefs from the men serving me to pay for the items always gave me funny looks and were clearly holding back their laughter. I favour cheap, unbranded briefs and slips to designer waistband briefs like Calvin Klein, so I normally buy own brand briefs.

I bought cheap, 3 for £2.99 Umbro briefs from Sports Direct, along with some Lonsdale briefs. I then bought some tighty whities from Primark. And finally some tanga's from Debenhams, where I also bought two new Speedos. Each cashier clearly thought it was funny a 21 year old guy was buying briefs to wear. Especially the Primark cashier who said "a bit old for these aren't you, mate?". Not being embarrassed about being a briefs wearer I replied with "I look better with these showing my body off than you covering that up with boring boxer shorts". In Debenhams a group of young teenagers also hurled some abuse at me for putting some Speedo swim briefs again my groin to see how they looked, saying I was "gay" and "a Speedo ******"... obviously I replied with "of course I am, I **** guys in Speedos". They had nothing more to say.

I don't care what people think, I love stripping at the swimming pool locker rooms. I love stripping down to my briefs for all the men to see, the taking them off so everyone can see my penis getting harder and harder. Only to be covered up by my tight, bulging Speedo.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Sports Direct is great they always have a sale on I buy trackie bottoms and hoodies from there (I am not a chav really) and I always go to the underwear section and pick up some briefs I don't go for the branded waistband type at the moment I have navy blue briefs on which I think are from tesco

I wear briefs I have bought them from sports direct we don't have a primark or Debenhams where I am from and I love wearing speedoes to the pool