My Brother's Underwear And Swimwear

Me and my brother share a bedroom, and we both wear briefs, as does our Dad. We often swap briefs, and swap with our Dad's briefs too. It's so hot wearing each other's briefs, bikinis, tangas and thongs. We only wear briefs, shorts are just aweful!

We have Fruit of the Loom, Primark, Umbro, BHS, M&S and Sloggi briefs and bikinis, Debenhams tangas and thongs, and we have so many swimming briefs, most of which are Speedo and Adidas.

It's hot to get a pair of briefs to wear to find some ***** in the crotch! And we all sleep in our briefs too. It's great when our mother is out or away so we can all lounge around the house in our skimpy briefs all day, answer the door in our briefs and go into the garden in our briefs.
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i love briefs and bulges loved your stories

thongs are OK - but prefer just a jock if I want that level of exposure - never really got used to the strap in my crack. Ever wear just a jock around the house?

I have jocks but don't wear them much around the house, I only wear one when I'm going to the gym. you?

I have a whole collection of them - wear them mainly in the summer, wintertime it's too cold to walk around with the buns hanging out - prefer briefs as often as possible with just a t shirt (preferred sleeping during the winter) or sweats with nothing underneath.

id like to see you all sitting there in ya briefs

very cool- it's fun to share!

Your mom insists that you wear clothes? She doesn't let you hang out in your undies?

well sometimes, she hates us being in our briefs when we have people coming to the house. But when she's not around we answer the door to the postman, whoever, in our tighty whities. It's so hot seeing my Dad and brother getting erections in their briefs.

mmm me too i love white briefs on lads n men horny