Briefs In The Locker Room

I realised, earlier this evening, that I'd spoken about swapping to briefs but not about what it was actually like wearing them in Gym class.

Essentially, it turned out that no one really cared that I wore them, regardless of how worried I was switching. At first it did feel kind of uncomfortable being the only guy in tighty whities (the last guy to change to boxers did so just as I switched to briefs) but I got used to it pretty quickly - at the end of the day, the locker rooms are there for me to change my clothes, not show them off to all my friends. :P

The one time I did panic, though, was when we had swimming lessons one year. Essentially it meant I'd have to ***** down to my briefs as I was getting changed, before putting my shorts on. I really worried that someone would make a comment about them because I was being so open about my underwear preferences - in my regular PE lessons I could keep my shirt on, as I changed my trousers, but obviously I'd be going topless in the pool.

Eventually though I just had to bite the bullet and go for it. I remember the first time I changed must have been slightly odd if anyone was watching - my trousers were off and my towel was around me in literally 5 seconds. :P I did, however, ease into it and, over the course of my lessons, became pretty comfortable wearing just my briefs - I remember purposely changing the colour each lesson and drying the rest of my body off in them, as if I was trying to impress my friends or something. I became a bit of a show-off, really. :P

I only ever got two comments during the whole time. The first was from one of my best friends who asked me why I still wore briefs, just out of curiosity. I was a bit confused (and kind of nervous thinking he might be going to make a joke out of them) but I answered that I had worn boxers before but that I'd switched back for the extra comfort. I actually later asked him if he wore them outside of lessons (he was a baggy boxers guy), seeing as it was an odd question, but he said he was just curious because he'd known guys at his last school get teased for them.

The second time was a couple lessons later when someone couldn't find their boxers in their bag. My friend jokingly asked me if I'd put them on by accident which I, obviously, denied. My other friend added that it couldn't be me because I wore briefs and they moved on. Frankly, they couldn't have cared less about my underwear.

The following year we got to choose the sports we played in our lessons. I avoided picking swimming again, because I wasn't overly good at it, and I haven't been in a pool since - which sucks, really, because I do really enjoy it. Hopefully I can brave the locker room again this summer and give it another go. :)
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cool story ,i bet theres tons of young lads like you who want to wear y fronts but wont coz they are worried about being teased.i think y fronts are cool if anything ,i wear them coz they have allways made me dead horny ,if i jack of i allways do it with my **** thru the fly .i even shag in them .oh by the way can you add me mate ,please