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In an earlier post i'd mentioned that I switched from Boxers to Briefs when I was about 18 or so.

I've only worn boxers on very odd occasions since, so a few weeks back I finally binned all of my old baggy boxers I've kept in the cupboard. Good riddance, I don't ever intend buying or wearing boxers again.

It's now a hobby of mine to go to the gym as often as possible and watch other guys undressing, hoping they are wearing briefs. A few times when i've timed it right there's been about 5 or 6 guys and we've all been wearing briefs. It was so hot I ended up getting an erection. Even hotter when they take off their briefs and pop on a pair of speedos for the pool!

I'm 30 years old and can't imagine wearing boxers now, I've worn a jockstrap a few times at the gym, and y-fronts loads of times now and never once seen another guy in a jock. It's such a shame! Only seen 2 guys in y-fronts but they took them off so quickly it was a bit of a disappointment.

I'd say I now have a real obsession with underwear and it's great!

My other favourite hobby is to stand next to a guy looking at briefs / y-fronts in the underwear isle in a department store and choose a pair next to him. I always take my time, feeling the fabric and pretending to read the text on the back of the packet. It gets me rock hard every time! and when I go to pay, i always try to find a male clerk to handle my smalls.

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I must be sad but going to the store to buy underwear always gives me a hard on I like to see if here are any lads about weather they will pick briefs or boxers if they buy briefs then that almost sends me over the edge and I go to my local pub and have a **** in the toilets

I did the same! I switched 100% over to Y fronts and what a difference, so much nicer, and the shape is great too. I also binned any trunks that I had too!

I too will look long and hard at guys in the locker room and at their underwear, always looking for signs of long and intense wear, if you know what I mean. And, of course, this can lead to me being noticed with an erect **** either bare or tenting out the front of my briefs. If so, so be it, I am not about to hide from the reality of the situation, nor should those who see me. I also look for a few other activities. One such is that I look for guys who, when they take off their underpants or jockstraps, they steal a sniff or two either to see how smelly they are or just for the pleasure of it. I would be a hypocrite looking if I did not openly sniff my own. Again, if seen, then I am proud to do what I know many of them wish they felt free to do.

I have one variation of underwear purchasing. There is a thrift store in town that sells used clothing and they do not cull the underwear when putting them on display in bins. I have come across some great finds there, finding very well broken-in briefs and ones with stains showing (both permanent stains that survive washing and fresh stains). Again being open, I enjoy placing these on the counter for purchase where all is there to see. One time the guy running the register commented on a pair being dirty and asked if I really wanted them. I smiled as I fixed his eyes and assured him that I did. Great fun.

As for style, what could ever be better than traditional white cotton, full-cut, double-ply fly-front briefs with piping where they are sewn!