I Wear Briefs

yes all my life i have worn tight briefs. I am 40 now and British. I remember at school i had a favorite light blue pair i wore which showed off my nice bulge quite well.
I remember when we went swimming or when we got changed in the changing rooms lots of boys would parade round in their tighty whiteys or briefs and all their bulges were on display. This was before i knew anything about sex i was 14/15/16 a schoolboy virgin.
I would have a sly look at some of the hot bulges on display.I never was that keen on boxer shorts.
defoekeane defoekeane
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 3, 2013

I am from the uk loved the changing rooms and lads in their pants or y-fronts I too am uncut I have a very short foreskin so sometimes it looks like I am cut I love briefs or y-fronts

Nice to see another uk briefs wearer! It is great to watch other guys changing in the locker room... I too am uncut and love to wear briefs!