Forced To Wear Briefs By Wife

I used to wear boxers all the time. My wife would often complaining that I should be wearing something "a bit tighter" but I didn't take too much notice. I hadn't worn briefs since I was about fifteen so she had never seen me wear them. One day she came home with seven pairs of sloggi briefs - three tangas and four bikini briefs - in different colours. She told me that these are what I should wear from now on. I laughed at her and said "yeah right". She came up close to me and whispered in my ear "well if you put a pair on right now you are going to like what is going to happen!". Needless to say, I dropped my pants and my boxers and pulled on a pair of the tight briefs.

She knelt down in front of me and started kissing my bulge through the briefs. She was teasing me like crazy and my bulge was straining against the white tanga cotton briefs (the ones in my avatar). I was begging her to pull them off but she kept saying no. Suddenly she stood up and started licking my ear. She whispered into my ear in the most sexy, teasing voice "remember boys in briefs get bj's - boys in boxers don't". With that she dropped back down and started licking my bulge through the briefs. At this stage I was on the edge and I would have done anything for her. I begged her to pull the briefs to one side and take me into her mouth. "Only if you promise to wear briefs *all* the time" she said. I moaned that I would and then she pulled the bulging briefs to one side before taking me in her mouth.

After I exploded, she stood up and licked her lips right in front of my face and with a very sexy moan said "mmmmmm, see what happens when you wear briefs". She bent down and pulled the tight briefs up over my shrinking bulge - the tightness was uncomfortable now and I wanted to take them off but she warned me again: "boys in briefs get bj's - boys in boxers don't!"

I started wearing briefs most of the time. I found the tightness too stimulating - it meant I was always horny, which is what I think she had planned all along. Sometimes I wore boxers but if she caught me she wouldn't touch me for a week and would dress in the sexiest of clothes and spend the whole week teasing me. One day she took all my boxers and made me throw them away. She took me shopping and made me buy all different colours and styles of bikini briefs. She won't even let me wear boxer briefs - it has to be bikini's or else I get no action.

It's been about five years since this happened and I wear tight bikini briefs every day now. She delights in telling her friends that I wear bikini briefs and she always makes sure that there are plenty of skimpy coloured briefs on the washing line or drying around the house whenever family or friends call. And yes.....I am horny all the time!
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5 Responses Jun 24, 2013

My mum made me wear brefs and gf makes me wear them to

Incredibly hot story, are you allowed to wear ones with larger pouches at the front at all, or can it only be the very tight ones?

My girlfriend loves Bikini briefs on me.

Hot! I need to wear bikini briefs more often I may get lucky! !

I wish more guys would wear briefs, i think they look great on a guy.