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When I was 12 (I was almost 13 - just a few months to go) I switched from Boxer Shorts to Briefs, after wearing them since I was around 7/8.

A few months before I changed, I started wondering what it would be like to wear briefs again. I wanted to wear them so much that I even rolled up the sides of my Boxer Shorts so that they looked like them & so that I could get a slight feeling of what it would be like!

The only thing was that I couldn't tell my mum about it. I just didn't gather up enough courrage to tell her that I wanted to change. I was worried about what she might say & how she might react to me asking her.

I got so worried that I started asking people on the internet about it. I allways got the same answer: "Just tell her". But it was difficult for me & it took a lot of mental strength to do so.

I fianlly asked her one night as I was about to go to bed. I said that I wanted "new underwear" which followed with a conversation about the style - Boxer-Briefs or Briefs. Of course I knew what I wanted, I just didn't want to mention them specifically (again, I was worried about what she might think).

Once it had all been sorted out, I waited for a coupple of weeks. Eventually, we went into town around late April/early May (for another reason) & I asked if we could look for my new underwear. She agreed & we later returned with a pack of Briefs.

As I got in, I rushed to the bathroom to try them on. First over my Boxers (just incase they we're too big/small) & then, once I discovered they fitted, on their own. They felt great - more support & comfort, just what I had been wanting.

Then came school. The first few days I went in wearing my Boxers because I was worried that my Briefs might show up through my trousers (of course they don't but I didn't know that at the time). Then I just went for it. I was fed up of having to wear Boxers to school & wanted to wear my Briefs instead. When I went in, I was nervous but it soon went away & it was fine.

Then there was another problem: PE. To start with I decided to wear my Boxers to the lessons (which ment wearing them 4 times a forghtnight). Every lesson day I wanted to wear my briefs but I never could bring myself to do so.

I was worried about that the guys in my class might say when we we're getting changed. I would be one of the only ones (there was only 1 other & still is - the others wear Boxers/Boxer-Briefs) to wear briefs & the first in my class to switch back to briefs.

I soon got fed of wearing just my Boxers & went with wearing Briefs under my Boxer Shorts. The only thing was that I only had dark blue Briefs & my Boxers we're black. I went for it anyways & I was (again) worried that someone would see the waistband of my Briefs above the waistband of my Boxers. Turns out, no-one did so that was OK in the end.

I continued to do this till the end of the term (leading into the Christmas holidays). Again, I wanted to just wear Briefs but I never could. Every time I would say to myself "right, you're just wearing briefs today" but I would allways chicken out & put a pair of Boxer Shorts over them. It was getting annoying.

We returned to school after the holidays (at the start of January) & it seemed like everything was going to be OK. Only, I managed to pack for the wrong week (we have a 2 week timetable, each day with different lessons). PE was scheduled for Lesson 1 & I was wearing my Briefs (we don't have PE on Monday week 1 you see). My friends told me that I'd made a mistake & I was really worried.

I thought of calling my mum, to ask for her to bring in my kit, but that still wouldn't have fixed my real problem. After all, I could just borrow the schools kit.

So the bell rang for lesson one & I was incredibly nervous. Everthing I had feared out was going to happen to me &  I couldn't do anything about it.

As I got in the changing rooms, with my borrowed kit, I found a space on the benches & started to get changed. I was shaking like anything so I just said that I was "cold". I took of my shirt first & then put the PE top on (It was a bit small but I coped).

Then I had to change into my shorts, meaning I'd have to reveal my Briefs. I just went for it &, quickly, slipped them off & put the shorts on (They we're a bit big at crotch but, again, I coped). Everything went fine.

Out on the field we we're doing some running exercise, around laps of one of the pitches, because the Cross Country couse was wet & not very safe. It turned out that I had to wait in the cold for my turn at the mini track which was horrid - it was freezing!

My nerves had been making my stomach feel queezy & it felt like I was going to be sick. I won't explain any more as I'd rather not re-live this little bit. I'll let you know that what happened wasn't very nice (I assume you can guess).

So I got back to the changing rooms & I changed back into my regular school clothes. This time, I was a little more confident but not much - I was still nervous. Fortunately it was the last lesson of the day so I could just hop on the bus and forget about it. Which I did (although, it wasn't totally off my mind).

Then it came to the next PE day (it was Tuesday the following week). I finally decided to go in wearing just my Briefs as it had gone well the previous time. I did & , as expected, it went fine.

Since then, I've been wearing my Briefs to all my PE lessons & everythings been OK. I'm still a little nervous, when getting changed, but I assume that will go with time.

And that was (probably) about the last year of my life, concerning my change of Underwear. It took a lot of courrage but, in the end, everything's turned out good & I'm, finally, wearing what I've wanted to.

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What kind of culture is this where you live?
Here in Denmark we just wear what we want, so some classmates wear briefs, other prefer boxer briefs and a few rather wear boxers.
Just as we wear different styles of clothes, we don't have to wear uniforms to school luckily.
Can you explain to me what makes it so difficult to change your preferred style from boxers to briefs?

Sorry this reply's a bit late - I've been off the site for ages.

In short: looking back on it now, as a 20 year-old, it was really a mixture of body confidence issues, puberty, people thinking I was gay and bullies.

I was just going through puberty and I was really body conscious which meant the locker room was the worst place in the world for me - being the only guy in briefs, in my eyes, made me stick out like a saw thumb. I was also reading a lot of stories online at the time, about guys that'd been through the same stuff, and they usually ended up in him being made fun of (being 12, I didn't take into account that people make stuff up and over exaggerate things). Most of the time it was the guy being called 'gay' (because underwear defines your sexuality, obviously) and the running 'gag' at school was exactly that, for a while... until I came out, ironically, but at 12 I had no idea so the joking didn't help.

I might write this up properly, as another story, sometime because this is turning into a bit of an essay already. :P But yeah, general pubescent anxiety coupled with name-calling really.

Reminds me of the first time in 7th grade when I switched from briefs to boxers. I wore them to school and was feeling anxious knowing I would have to undress revealing I had on boxers instead of briefs. A couple of guys did make comments such as "fancy shorts" "wearing daddy's underwear?" butbi survived!

U've made a gr8 choice. It doesn't matter wat kind of underwear u wear as 4 me I used 2 wear briefs as well but I've made the choice of wearing bikini briefs which are really comfy all the time, so do wat's best 4 u and ur body...

Wow, I wear briefs too lol

You wear and do what you want. You only have to impress one person and thats YOU.

That's exactly what I worked out - it took some time but I got it in the end. It was actually that thinking that made me try boxer briefs not so long ago, after I'd been debating whether to switch or not. It's safe to say that transition was much less worrying than this one.

Whatever floats your boat man. If you want to wear briefs rather than boxers, because you find them more comfy or for whatever other reason, then by all means do so. And you did, great! You know, people who comment on other people's underwear are so sad. I mean, come on! It makes one wonder where their priorities lie in life, and stuff. It's good your schoolmates weren't like that.

I myself, from age 9 or 10 onward, have been wearing everything; boxers, briefs and boxer briefs, just whichever of the 3 I feel like wearing that day, I wear. I'm 22 now, btw.

I've never had any problems with underwear type. On days I was wearing briefs, and we had PE, there would be some classmates who teased me about sometimes, but they were just joking really. My friends and classmates, much like your classmates at the time, were mature enough not to focus and waste all their valuable time on what type of underwear other people wore. It just doesn't matter. Whatever feels best to you. People bitching about what underwear other people wear just don't have a life. There are more important things in life.

Looking back at it, I really did worry too much about what people might say! In my most recent story, I mentioned that the only time I *did* get comments about them were just in passing and from good friends - I remember getting really worked up about that too. But you're right - anyone that cares that much really does have too much time on their hands. :P

You made a great choice in switching to briefs from boxers. Stick with it. As you've discovered, briefs are a lot more practical.

Since I posted this, I've actually started to wear boxer-briefs more often, though I still do wear tighty whities every now and then! I don't think I could ever go back to baggy boxers, though - tighter undies definitely are more practical.

The worst thing to do is be embarassed. It's clear that boys have certain levels of expectations about modern fashion and wearing briefs is an indication of slipping out of social norms. When I was at school I never wore briefs, not because I didn't want to, but because I never got round to doing so. Besides I have a problem with wearing them, as every time I do, I get an uncontrollable erection. Admittedly, I am obsessed with them. I usually had to go through friend's underwear draws to feed the obsession. There were school trips where a few boys wore briefs, so I performed a little stealth and grabbed them when their attention was diverted. It also seems the older you get, the more unacceptable it is to wear briefs. I look back now and think if there was something I would change, I would wear briefs. There's nobody who can break your options when it comes to underwear, also I'm equally sure that the boys who do laugh don't have the grapes to wear them themselves.

Having worn them for 3 years worth of lessons, after I posted this story, I can tell you not once did anyone have a problem with them and I actually got pretty comfortable in them after not so long. The only comments I got were during two swimming lessons, when we were getting changed, and even they were harmless - though, I'll leave those for another story...

It's a great story, maybe concerned teens will read this and you might convince them that briefs are completely normal to wear. But with so many teens trapped in an ecology of standard, wearing them is probably going to be met with teasing. But I do see how wearing briefs may keep the genitals nicely cushioned. Wearing boxers just doesn't give the support that the testicles need.

That's partly why I told it, really, and it definitely has helped some people out - just have a read through some of the comments bellow. Looking back at it, it seems stupid that I would get so worked out about my underwear but at the time it really did worry me. It's just great to know that I wasn't the only one feeling the same way and that I might've given some guys a bit of confidence. :)

Well I wouldn't say your concerns were stupid, I mean kids are always concerned with how they appear when their peers are around. Through the story you stated that you wore navy briefs. This would probably be safe, as darker underwear is perhaps harder to mark out than if you had been wearing white briefs. On that note, did you ever where other colours? I would feel the situation would be a lot more uncomfortable if your briefs had motifs or patterns on them- did you ever wear any with them?

The problem I had with the blue undies was that we used to wear white shorts. I got paranoid someone would see my underwear through them so I made sure to wear my lighter colours on PE days. Having said that, though, I was a bit anti-tighty whities when I first switched but, really, that was thanks to reading too many stories online of guys getting picked on for them.
As for other colours: most of them were some shade of blue. I had a pack of multi-coloured ones that I used to wear pretty often, too - they had red and green pairs. I had some grey and black ones as well, a couple of which were striped, and I even had some 'Doctor Who' and 'Simpsons' designed ones - I always used to wear one orange pair because they looked fairly discreet under my PE kit.
I only really ever worried about the white pairs - I never thought people would care so much if they were coloured. I thought the character ones would at least raise some eyebrows but, again, no one really cared. For changing in swimming lessons I stuck to plain colours and, once more, no-one minded - I wrote another story about that, recently, which you might be interested in. As it was, I always kept my shirt on to cover up (No-one ever ******** down to their undies so I didn't either) so I doubt that many people even saw them, really.

I'm wondering, are you british? I guess that you are, but the reason I'm asking is because I know the briefs that are worn over here seem significantly different in style.

Yes, I am and yes, they are. :P I think what we wear most commonly over here are what you guys call 'Bikini Briefs' - short sides and without a fly. You can get some of the fuller cut ones, though, but they're definitely not the most fashionable things to be wearing.

Well whether they are fashionable or not doesn't matter. Too much concern these days is how fashionable things are, people should wear what they want without those trappings. Honestly I think the bakini style is the type which really creates the distinction between boxers and briefs. Boxers are easy to wear and a bit more accessible for ridding of urine. Briefs are harder to wear but also very necessary for keeping the genitals in a fixed position. The American style briefs look too much like boxers to me. I suppose another reason why I never went back to briefs was because my build didn't warrant their use. In other words I think briefs serve athletic boys and men with lean physiques. Also I've seen similar stories around the net where boys choose to wear boxers over briefs- I guess if they are that concerned about their underwear they should consult their parents or friends on coping with wearing them whilst getting changed for pe. I know you never had problems wearing them because of the lack of a negative reaction from your class mates. Though I'm still aware of stories of immature kids teasing them. I can't believe the amount of boys switching to boxers- I can only assume they have been brain washed into wearing them to gain acceptance from mates.

I'm not saying they're bad, they're just not popular enough to be considered fashionable over here. I actually prefer American style, in all honesty, because our ones (they're 'Slips' apparently) can feel a bit skimpy at times. That's partly why I wanted to try boxer-briefs out - that and I wanted to start sagging (hence the username). The only problem is that most of the regular briefs you can find have weird 1970's style patterns on them which really isn't that cool. :P
Like I said in the story, as well, I did try the briefs under boxers idea for a while and it really wasn't that comfortable. I get that peer pressure could be a cause for why guys to do it, though - all the 'macho' guys in the locker rooms can be a bit intimidating. If it really is such a problem I can't see why they wouldn't just wear the hybrid on sports days, though - pretty much half my class wore those.

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I have worn briefs all my life but I also wear boxers and boxer briefs sometimes. I hardly ever wear boxers under pants anymore tho cuz I hate how they bunch up and feel uncomfortable. So mainly I wear them around the house or to bed. I like how briefs feel - they are a lot more comfortable.

Do you cope fine wearing them when you get changed for PE? Does anyone make any comments about you wearng them? Frankly if they did you should ignore them because they probably don't have the grapes to wear them themselves. It's only a way kids try to conform everyone to their way of thinking.

I am doing the same now. After having told my mum and wearing them to school, the next problem PE is not solved. In former days the other one or two boys wearing Briefs have been bullied and I don't want to be, too. But I think I'll try wearing them the next lessons.<br />
Lukas<br />
(btw. @Chaz95 please allow me to send you a pm.)

I use to wear jocky bikini briefs when I was about 9 to 13 then I switched to boxes and now I don't wear anything!! When I wore the bikini briefs and I only wore a short t shirt and nothing else around the house and they were tight, so you could see anything including my small member and there was plenty of times that I would get excited no matter who was around. They saw it all!!!

what type of udies are they ,plain ones or underpants with a fly front to pee with?<br />
i think plain underpants look like girls knickers so i only wear y front style<br />
if other boys see you in underpants some of them will wear them too,all boys preferr underpants they just dont wear them coz of peer pressure ,wich i understand,

I realise this reply is ridiculously late but I thought I'd answer your question, seeing as you did take the time to answer it.

Briefs with a fly aren't all that common over here, especially when it comes to kids sizes - I've only ever seen a few and they've always been a bit out of my budget. I've only just recently moved to adult sizes (I'm a pretty small build) and even now they're difficult to find for cheap. It's pretty annoying, though, because I definitely do prefer the y-front style.

Epic story mon!

Epic story mon!

Epic story mon!

A good story well told. Wear your briefs with pride!

Why the Fuss!......So many people wear briefs!<br />
<br />
We wore them as children, and grew up with them!<br />
<br />
Boxers are relatively new on the scene!