Jockey Brief Lover


would like to share my interest in men's white, fly-seamed, Y-front, Jockey briefs, with someone  around my aged, preferably. I am seventy

















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6 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I wore briefs as a kid, then boxers as an early teen then no underwear at all from the ago of 17-22

I liked free balling but one day tried on a pair of briefs when I hadn't worn any in over 7 years, it was a pair of jockey seamfree briefs......

I had no idea uw could be comfortable again let alone briefs be comfortable again....

Now I mainly wear and own jockey though I have other brands but ONLY BRIEFS.....

I've always worn briefs, tighty whities, just seems natural to me. My Dad and Bro's still wear white briefs. Even my coaches in school wore white briefs. They were issuing only briefs in the service last time I checked. Full cut, waistband riding up just high enough, soft cotton on my equipment. Enjoy just relaxin in my briefs and T at night after a long days work. Kinda get off standing in the locker room at my gym in just my tighty whites, seein who notices. Cheers.

As you can guess by the name I have a thing for tight underwear. I have always loved showing off and posing. I admit I like giving head to a guy in good underwear. It's the price I pay, you show me your underwear and I'll......! Of course if he's wearing baggy grey boxers we're both in for a disappointment.

I'm 24 and wear white jockey briefs. I like them because they fit really high up to my belly button, real old fashion like. I'm not gay, but I do like seeing other men in their white briefs, especially jockeys.

I am not quite seventy! But in my late 50's. Aged 12 years or so I was issued my first y front jockey junior briefs by my mother as a part of my boarding school uniform. My boarding school was very strict indeed and those briefs were standard wear for the canings that we would receive over their tight seats.<br />
I hate tanga, bikini and hipster briefs and have worn the same style full cut white traditional y front jockey briefs since my school days and for the past 40 years.<br />
I will continue to do so. They are healthy, comfortable and provide support nearly equal to my jockstrap. My wife is also fairly old fashioned and keeps me well stocked with 'jockey pants".<br />
I must confess that these garments do greatly arouse me and when I am away on business I do relieve my self wearing a pair.<br />
When did you receive your first pair of jockey's?