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I have always worn briefs and will continue to do so. When i went to school senior school in the early 1970's most boys wore briefs but as i went into the 4th & 5th years (just shows you how old i am lol) patterned boxers were becoming the new fashion trend.  There was still about 50% of the boys who wore briefs and even then the brief wearers were being mocked!  I remember when i was 12 and i got some new jockey y fronts with my new school uniform.  I felt so smart and loved the crisp white briefs so much that i would deliberately leave my fly open and pull the opening apart then walk round the school and if someone told me my fly was open i would pretend to be embarrased and quickly zip up!  Did any one else do this?  It is sad to think that my younger brother switched to boxers / Boxerbriefs only recently having worn briefs for about 35years.  My 2 boys and Nephews all started out wearing briefs but have all switched to boxerbriefs.  I would love them to switch back but they would really be taunted by their peers if they did.  Oh well maybe one day.  I have tried boxerbriefs, Boxers and trunks but i found them so uncomfortable that they stay in the drawer.  Hope we get some more responses in this forum


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well briefs (we call them pants in the UK), are the best I don't like boxers or boxers briefs even though most guys seem to wear them with their jeans sagging halfway down their ***

I went to secondary school in 1979 and a lot of lads wore Y-fronts I did in the early 80's pants/slips/bikini briefs became the fashion and I started wearing them boxers were not in fashion then I normally wear briefs but I do have some white Y-fronts and wear them sometimes

I wear briefs I do have some y-fronts that is what I wore at school

Briefs as a lad, then moved onto boxers in late teens (peer pressure) realised they just wearn't comfortable by the time I was at uni and changed back to briefs. Usually wear slips or bikini briefs, but have worn tangas too on occasion.<br />
Just the most comfortable underwear men can wear, you can put your tackle where you want to!

Briefs make my feel like a little boy! Love wear white briefs all day long. Specialy why Iam over a women or man lap getting a spanking and they are completey dressed.

its only white briefs for me, full cut tighty whites, regular brands only, Hanes, Jockey, FOTL, JC Penny Staffords, just seems natural to me to wear briefs like my Dad still does and my brother in laws, one is a cop and the other a doctor, like so show off my waistband when I can , the more showin the better

As a very little boy of about four years of age I wanted to be just like my Dad. Previously, I had always worn some type of little boy briefs. My Dad always wore the very lose fitting cotton boxers. I remember begging my parents to buy me some boxers. Luckily they only wasted their money on two pairs for me to try. After I had put the boxers on and began pulling up my jeans, I felt the most uncomfortable feeling in my crotch as the boxers began to wad up and strangle my tiny boy penis and testicles. I began to cry and jerk at the uncomfortable underwear and immediately switched back to my briefs. I am now 52 and have worn briefs for my entire life. I have had the Y fronts and others; but, now I have moved on to the no fly briefs and bikini briefs. The support and overall comfort of briefs as well as the sexiness of them has made me a lifelong wearer, no matter what the styles may change to.

I like tangas sometimes a thong but you cant beat ockey classic y-fronts

Amazing! I too had the same cream Y-fronts with brown piping (LOL not the same pair of course!), also blue ones with red piping. Other than that my Y-fronts as a kid were usually plain white or light blue.<br />
<br />
And I laughed at what WHITEPANTS wrote about PE class, as I remember the girls gazing up the boys shorts as they climbed the ropes getting a view of what colour knickers they were wearing and I know the boys did the very same thing to the girls!

Where I can, I would always choose cotton slips (briefs) or Y-fronts which are the most comfortable undies EVER even if they are not fashionable nowadays.<br />
<br />
When I was at school in the 80s plenty of boys wore Y-fronts and there were no boxers around until the late 1980's really.

I wish i had done that but my mother wouldn't let friends sleepover or me sleep out because i ws a chronic bed wetter until my mid teens and it was all kept very quiet. The ironic thing is that then i couldn't help it and didn't really want it to happen, but now i take every chance i get (which isn't many with a wife and 2 boys) to pee in my clothes lol.

When I was a teen I would invite a friends over for a sleepover. <br />
It was chance for me to see them in their underwear. Most wore<br />
white briefs but different brand names.

i like wearing briefs, and like bigchris i have always worn them and always and if given the chance i like standing next to another man who is also wearing them i get turned on they make me feel more sexier and yes i"ve also done it walk about with my zip undone

I love y fronts and bikini briefs. I absolutely hate boxers. Boxers look and feel horrible. Luckily boxers are out of fashion now and briefs are back again.

i have worn briefs since i was three years old. i am 21 now and happily married. i have always preferred briefs because they keep my junk in place instead of flopping around all the time. i have boxer briefs and wear them occasionally. but i mainly just stick with briefs. i have several brands of briefs, but calvin klein and jockey aren't among them. not yet anyway. i have yet to try wearing bikini briefs. the ones that i prefer that i can really fit are the jc penney brand briefs for boys that come in white and colored. i only weigh in between 135 and 140 pounds. i am a lightweight. but over i would definitely say briefs are way better than boxers any day.

Thanks for the comment sazzer i remember those wonderful y fronts as well lol. You also reminded me of something i did once in my desperation to see what undies my brothers friend was wearing. When he bent down i saw brief lines and i just had to know the colour, make etc. After messing around for ages i dared him to pee on me saying that there was no way he would do it. After some thought he opened his flies and for a brief second i caught a glimpse of his bright white briefs ( i was in heaven) then he peed on me which i didn't like at the time as i worried about how i was going to explain my wet clothes. I never tried that again but it is a great memory.

This could have more or less been my story lol, I still have fond memories of my cream nylon Y fronts with dark brown piping lol. I also used to leave my flies open and when I would be walking home from school I would undo my trouser button and see how far I'd get before they accidently fell down. I would also go into the woods and ***** down top my fav undies I suppose hoping to get caught, to this day I still have a underwear fetish and now own well over two hundred pairs, think I need help lol.

briefs all the time. white y fronts for me i am 45 now and have always had y's even when i was at school. never liked boxers ever

I wear briefs. I don't like flopping around, and they let me position my **** in different ways depending on my mood and state of excitement. I've tried boxer briefs, since I can do the same with them, but my favorites are bikini briefs.

wore white Jockey Y-fronts at boarding school aged 14 to 18 and still love them and wear them all the time. I'm 43 now. They are the best looking and most comfortable pants ever!

I wear White Fruit of the Loom Briefs<br />
I always wear white because they can be bleached to remove any stains and germs.<br />
I feel briefs absorb better than boxers.

chris right there with you did the zipper trick a good bit but always made sure they could see the band of my briefs , i spent a lot of time checking the bands of others , to this day still hecking for briefs and bands

i wear briefs too!!