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Humping In Briefs

I love Laying facedown down on the new linoleum floor that was put in I tried this last week I was wearing my speedo I started rubbing my ***** against the new linoleum floor and for a while I was rubbing my ***** in my speedos and I heard a squeking noise while rubbing against it because was a new floor and I thought it was cool. I did it slow because it felt good rubbing on it with the squeking noise real loud until I came alot in my speedo. You have to try this technique its the best technique I did when ever you have the new Linoleum floors is put in try it you will see I what I mean.  I love rubbing my ***** on the wood floor in my black briefs and I love ******* in briefs.



Frankco Frankco 26-30, M 7 Responses Sep 4, 2009

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I do have a video of me laying face down on linoleum floor rubbing against the linoleum floor squeaking sound in bikini briefs so much fun

Hey, I got a new floor put in, you can rub on it while I rub on top of you. Interested?

maybe but not sure why you ask!!

Cause I need someone good at humping ;)

Im always laying facedown humping the linoleum floor and any other kind of shiny floors you ever humped the floor before i tried to add you but it wont let me

I'll add you To my circle, then you can be my friend I'm sure (still new to the site)

so what kind of new floor you have

how did you become Interested in me humping the floor

New marble tiles, so shiny and smooth

I Love humping marble tile floors it is nice shiny and smooth love it alot

I really wanna try it on a floor when it's just been mopped

its awesome after floor is mopped humping in speedos

That sounds good to me i would rub on the new floor in my speedos and you can rub on me

I would love to do that, but I think I'm gonna do it in my birthday suit. Jiiiiizzzzz

sounds very hot

I also like to turkey slap the floor with my wet ****, feels sooooo good :)


I like to hump the floor in my thongs too, soo nice


hey how is it going

Nothin much, how about u, still like humping floors?

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I started rubbing against floors at a young age till i got the feeling. Rubbed off that way in briefs or panties and it always worked.

If we ever get new flooring, you know what I'm going to be doing. ;)

Wow, luv to see you doin that!

Please add mee, you look so cute

sounds great id love to share your undies with you and have fun

sounds great id love to share your undies with you and have fun