Boarding School Days

I went to a very strict boarding school in the early 1960's where uniform standards were also strictly applied. This included our underpants which had to be the full white briefs with interlocking fronts and wide elasticated waist band. I wear an identical pair in my profile photograph for your interest.

Discipline was rigorously inforced with the House and Headmasters canes. The extremely pliant crooked handle school canes of those times was used. This was frequently applied across the drum taute seats of our underpants bent over with our shorts pulled down.

Those canings in those full cut school underpants eventually gave me quite buzz and I started to enjoy exposing my pants for the cane.

Even today I keep such pants for my arousal and ********** in private wearing a pair.

Do any others have more or less the same experience?

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My parents always spanked me bare and afterwards I would be sent to the corner for a time bare bottom on show. Then as Simon, my underpants which were normally aertex and alternated between trunks and briefs until I was around 14, were pulled up and usually Mum tucked everything in neatly before my shorts were replaced.

It's interesting that some chaps were ashamed as boys to be wearing trunks when everyone else was wearing briefs. I guess we all through a phase where we like to blend in. I remember having to wear white aertex vest and high waist pants, regardless of the weather. At a time when most of the other boys were wearing underwear of their own choice it was source of some mockery that I was still in underwear more associated with younger boys. My parents expected me to tuck my vest and shirt into my pants and I recall my parents sometimes spanking me bare and then tucking everything in and pulling up my pants onto my waist. I still wear like this now and like the feeling alot.

I really enjoyed hearing about your aertex vest and high waste pants. I sometime wore the same when I was at school and still today often wear the same. I also enjoy schoolboy play acting and being spanked in them

I too find this thread very interesting. At 13 I was sent off to a far distant boarding school where I, and many other boys wore white Y Front Jockey briefs and singlets. I thought them to be so very sexy and used to **** in them every day - quite often with other boys. I also knew a few boys who wore Invictor singlet and briefs and I thought they looked sexy as well. Then there were lots of boys who wore Aertex too. I remeber one boy I liked greatly, Kieth, who used to wear close fitting Aertex trunks that were very short indeed and just covered the curves of his bottom. He was a couple of years younger than I, so a close relationship was not possible. In my last year when I was a dormitory prefect Kieth's pretty 13 year old cousin Robin was in my dormitory, and he wore Aertex briefs. I used to watch him dress and undress daily, and often after lights out I made him parade round the dorm in nothing but his little Aertex briefs. Seeing my bedclothes moving up and down rapidly he used to ask me what on earth I was doing, but as he always had a smile on his face I guessed he knew very well!

When i started high school at elven year old my mother bought me several pairs of Invictor sports briefs and singlets they were airtex yfronts with a green band round the waiste band. Even though i did not *** i had a hard on but by the age of twelve i did *** in them watching my self in the mirror i wish i still had a pair.

I love this string...I am a fan of aertex vest and trunks, partly because I was forced to wear them when I was at school. All the other boys wore white y fronts, so I was always being teased especially in the gym. The gym master used to spank us if we misbehaved and he seemed to take a delight in getting me to come out in front of the other boys in the changing room and bend over in my white aertex vest and trunks for a spanking. I still like being spanked and caned in them today - and getting other adult schoolboys to wear them for a caning

I too had aertex trunks as well as briefs. At home if i was due a caning from dad i had to be in the hall facing the wall dressed in just vest and briefs. He always removed my underpants before telling me to bend over and touch my toes. This happened until I was 19

My father always made my brother and I get undressed to just our white vest and underpants before punishment. Sometimes he would spank us on our underpants OTK, other times he would pull them down first and whip our bare bottoms. If we had been very naughty it was totally bare, often with corner time afterwards. Mum used to be there sometimes which was humiliating. I was 16 when he stopped doing this.

Much to my embarrassment my parents insisted that I wore white aertex trunks and vest to school up until the time I left at the age of 18. By this stage most other boys were wearing white y fronts, so my underwear was especially old fashioned. On several occasions I was caned by the headmaster and had to drop my trousers. I used to be mortified as I touched my toes revealing my aertex trunks for the sting of the cane. Nowadays I often fantasise about this and I like to be made to ***** to my vest and trunks when I need to be caned for being disobedient

At my Grammar school which I attended from 1960 it was flannel shorts and white trunks and vest. Mine were woollen and gave some protection when being slippered and caned, certainly more than the cotton underwear I wore from the following school year.. I had aertex briefs from the 2nd year along with a vest and pants ensemble which were string

Although we didn't have regulation underwear at my my Catholic boys school my parents insisted that I wore a vest and full cut high waisted aertex underpants. There were a couple of other boys whose parents had similar standards and I remember seeing them after games lessons tucking their vests into their pants like good Catholic boys!! My trousers were of a similar cut, sitting high on my waist rather than on the hips, which was considered way too racy and almost sinful!

Tucking vests into pants like good Catholic boys -- LOL. Catholic school must be where I first started doing that!

Well i was at a very good catholic boys college and i had to wear high waisted y fronts but we didnt get caned on the bum it was on the hands but by didnt i have some fun with my close class mates under the desks and in the boys toilets and i have always been fortunate to have inherited my farthers endowment so my y fronts were always stained actually while in the royal navy we were issued with 6 pairs of these lovely thick deep pouch soft cotton underpants and they were so very horny when on so my y fronts got their full quota of excitement in there too would love to meet some guys who now still find a nice big bulge inside y fronts a turn on any takers out there lads????????

Indeed so Gilshill! Our white boarding school trunks, briefs and singlet vests were an extension of our school uniform. These our mothers had to buy according to a very strict and unwaivering specification from school outfitters which supplied this regulation school underwear.<br />
Just one question Sir. Quite correctly and as an extension of our school uniform, did you also have to wear your trunks or briefs and singlet vest as standard punishment dress when you visited your House or Headmasters study for the cane or strap?

Mine was a day school but things were very similar. It was rare that at least one boy was not cained in a lesson. I used to know what type of underpants everyone wore and I know most of the teachers got as much joy as I did watching, from rubbing their hands over bottoms before they began. As I got older I used to look forward to dropping my trousers - feeling the fingers stroking over my bottom and then the sharp shock of the cain. My white briefs often used to get a stain in the front as a result.