Humping The Floor Laying Facedown

Part 2 of Story When  I was humping laying face down on the wood floor which I like looking at myself in the long mirror of me in my underwear humping the floor I just kept on until I came and it felt good doing it too. I still love to ********** by laying face down on the floor humping wooden floor or tile floors and other shiny smooth surfaces like any kind of floors also if anyone  likes to hump in speedo or underwear  I still like to hump the living room floor which is green my favorite color of the tile floor that I humped alots everyday I still hump the wooden floor laying face down everyday on the floor ************ like this try it.  and write a story about it after you have done it. You should also do it when no one is home because then you can have more time when your ************ face down humping the floor in your underwear or in speedos when you have cummed in your underwear try it its fun too!

Frankco Frankco
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I like humping cold floors so that I can feel the cold on my thighs and legs. I also love to sit by a pool in small swimwear face down and to hump the lounge chair while others are around Great fun to *** in your shorts or speedo while there are 50 people at the pool

I do it all the time humping cold floors

used to hump the floor as a teenager in just my briefs with my shirt tucked in them. Great fun

I like the idea! Don't your briefs get a bit crusty from all the ****?<br />

Yes they do but I love it but I do wash them then they are clean so I can do over again

I love **** covered underwear

You ever do it laying face down on tile floor or wood floor humping in briefs til *******

not on the floor but I've done that in bed. you story sounds hot tho so I'll try humping the floor...I love ******* in my underwear

Try it laying face down on the tile floor or wood floor or linoleum floor humping in underwear ******* you have email and pictures humping in underwear I have pics on my ep humping floor in underwear *******

You have gmail account I have a video of me humping the floor in underwear laying face down on tile floor humping

Hey how you doing you like the video let me know you do one

You try it yet

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