I would like to see a beautiful guy in see through speedos. prehaps the speedos bit its pushing it. but still hot.
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Well, if I'm just emerging from the water...

I can provide friend me and see my pics

I can provide friend me and see my pics

I jest soon where nothing skinnydip and hang out nude but our laws forbid it most places. I do go nude in my yard and nude resorts as well. Now the mens spa where they don't alow skinny dipping and nude steaming I will where see through or as little as posible.

As an American I must say that we are crazy and prudish! We cut the covering or foreskin off all little baby males penises and when he grows up we dress him in peddle pushers for swimwear. Leave the skin on and take the clothing away!

ive worn see through thongs, my whole **** was visible

Wear what you want to wear and feel comfortable in them. F**# those that can't handle it unless they are willing to buy you an entire new wardrobe.


I think that sounds so hot!<br />
<br />
When I lived in Spain (most of the beaches were nude or optional wear beaches), all the men wore "speedos" on the beach if they wore anything at all, only total dorks wore those long baggy shorts. In the U.S., it seems impossible to even find men's speedos. I don't know why, but Americans are soooo repressed about nudity, and want to cover up everything.