I Wore White Speedos That Turned C Thru When Wet

Several years ago my ex wife (we were still married at the time) and I went on a weekend sexual vacation to a nearby city in Tennessee.  She had a new skimpy swimsuit and I had ordered and received a new Speedo via mail order just a few days prior.  After checking into the hotel and having our first romp in the sack we took a breather and went down to the hotel swimming pool /spa area.  I was wearing my new Speedo that was solid white in color.  I hadn't thought about the fact that when it was wet that anyone could see right through it almost to the point that I appeared to be nude or wearing very little to cover myself.  After swimming for a while, I climbed out of the pool and went into the nearby dry sauna.

I noticed a young man of approximately 17 - 18 years old in a fairly tight pair of boxer style swimming trunks with a towel placed around his neck and drooping down over his shoulders approach the sauna area, too.  He had been sitting in a lounge chair near the pool as my wife and I were swimming.  Just as I sat down in the sauna after pouring a ladle of water over the lava rock the door opened and he stepped in.  I could tell that he was fairly well developed by his musculature and crotch bulge.  He took a seat near me in the small sauna and we began some innocent chit chat.  I learned that he was a senior in high school in his hometown and that he was there with his family while traveling on vacation.  I mentioned that it was just my wife and I here alone  having a relaxing weekend get away.  His eyes and ears perked up at that.

At first, I didn't really notice anything strange or offhand regarding his questions and small talk.  As I began to break a sweat I was thinking of leaving the sauna for another cooling dip in the pool.  I just happened to notice as I wiped the perspiration from my forehead with a hotel towel that his eyes were locked onto my crotch.  This intrigued me and excited me at the same time.  My ex-wife and I were both bisexual and had shared a few experiences together with our same sex lovers.  I always enjoyed her watching me with another man and enjoyed watching her with another woman.  Most of the time we would sit and ********** while the other had their own fling.  Sometimes it turned into a three way involving us with the other's partner.  As I sat there with this young man watching and staring at my crotch I began becoming erect.  Knowing that he was underage and not wanting to involve myself in any form of titillation or illegal act with him I remained silent and allowed him to look.

Finally, I had to secretly adjust my growing **** in my Speedos for comfort and to hopefully remain somewhat discrete with a growing erection.  At that he reached inside of his boxer swimwear and inside of his own jockstrap with no hesitation and turned his own penis up so that it was showing prominently growing toward his navel.  Feeling even more uncomfortable being near him because of his age and apparent state of excitation I started to excuse myself and leave the sauna.  He asked me just as I was leaving if we were staying at the hotel and how long we were planning to stay.  I answered with a simple yes that we were staying at the hotel and didn't know exactly when we were leaving. 

I returned to the pool and dove in surfacing beside my wife.  She asked me if I had enjoyed my stay in the sauna and I answered yes; but, I got too hot.  She jokingly looked at me and said that she could tell that I had gotten hot.  The young man in the sauna returned to the pool area still with a semi erect **** and eased into the shallow end of the pool.  As he did my wife and I made our exit.  Climbing out of the pool I again felt and noticed his stare at my butt encased in the now see thru Speedos.  As we dried ourselves and turned toward the elevators to return to our room the young man began his exit from the pool.  I casually wrapped another dry towel around my waist and the elevator arrived at that moment.

As my wife and I began our ascent in the elevator she turned and asked me what that was all about.  Dumbfounded, I turned and asked her what she meant.  She said that the young man in the pool area had suddenly turned into a puppy dog and was following me around with his eyes and practically his tongue hanging out.  I had informed her what went on in the sauna with him questioning me, staring at my crotch, and openly adjusting his **** in his swimwear.  She laughed and cupped my **** and balls and said that that should teach me about wearing a see thru Speedo in public.  Until that time I hadn't really given any thought that the Speedos were virtually non-existent when wet.

Many times I've thought back on that moment and wondered just what might have happened if I had been more friendly with the excited young man; but, then again, I didn't want anything to do  with anyone underage and I damned sure had no desire to be arrested had anything developed.  It was nice to know that I had turned on another male with just my looks and near nude style of dress.
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Unlined Speedos regardless of color will show a distinct bulge! Just be careful not to snip out more than you want or you will ruin a good pair. Unlined Speedos are great for the pool without showing to much.

MMMM White Speedo's huh? I have a couple pairs of very light unlined no leg side cut to the waist band ladies running shorts that when the sun is right I have discovered by accident that you can see right thru. They are of course extremely loose legged-what leg- and if my **** isn't up right it is out the bottom. I meet anyone of the trails hiking and they know exactly why I am there. Oh the fun.

I really do need to hangout in saunas and steam rooms more often. Very hot story, even without a "happy ending". ;-)

I wanted to tell everyone that has read and or commented on this story I owe you all a huge thank you! As I have stated in previous comments the situation has left me with fantastic masturbatory material. If the story has affected you in the manner that it has many of us, then please leave a comment. Enjoy those Speedo bulges and all those young men!

I have found that sometimes revealing all but everything as a Speedo does can be very alluring. It often leaves the viewer wanting to see more... much more!

When I was 16 I went into a sauna. An older guy in a yellow speedo was in there. He was huge with a tight speedo. I stared and got a huge erection. When he noticed me staring he spread his legs a little and put his head back and closed his eyes. His erection got even bigger.<br />
<br />
I moved over to his bench, threw a towel over his waist and slipped my hand under the towel and rubbed his package. He smiled but kept his eyes closed he spoke; "I don't want to know how old you are.......go ahead and suck me."

If the young man in my story had done the same thing I am sure that he would have received an invitation to our room, no matter his age. I'm sure you left one very pleased older man after pleasing him with your hands.

My hand only lasted for about 60 seconds......my mouth took over and kept at it until he exploded!

another comment. since above, i knew about wet white suits being see thru. i have this sexy BF w/ an ultra hairy *** and i could not resist buying him an all white swim suit. he is so sexy looking when he climbs out of the outdoor pool in the summer in front of all our gay friends, i feel so proud knowing the boys are lusting after my hot Bf with his hairy man *** on perfect view for all the salivating boys.

i feel like i commented on this b/4. at my high swim team, the dept ordered our new competition suits for the season. our colors wear blue and gold. when the suits arrived they were blue and gold alright. all white w/ gold on sides and narrow blue piping on side next to the gold. the whole front and back was white. the coach said they could not be returned cos the dept ordered the wrong ones but the colors were correct.. they were only concerned w/ them not being the usual suits and we students didn't think anything of it until the first meet( we only wore the new ones during competition) we got wet and you guessed it, the white suits were see thru, all our dicks, vpl, **** head ridges, dark bush pubic hair and those dudes with hairy *****, shown right through. the place was full of spectators and parents and officials. embarrassed as hell, but finished the meet, mainly covering up and keeping our hands in front of our wet *****. everybody there seen us.

I know I would have enjoyed being one of the team's greatest fans. Though you were embarrassed at the time, it sounds as if you were also aroused at the predicament.

iv got a pair of white speedos that go completly see thru when wet. they really show off eveything. one day these two young girls came up to me and said they liked the way my speedos were see thru and how they showed my penis. they shouldnt have been looking tho, they were only about 12/13

It's difficult stopping admirers. I would imagine that in today's times they probably have already seen a number or penises.

Right on! That's as it should be.

Thank you ndragon. I love when guys of any age aren't afraid of wearing thier Speedo's and letting others see what a man's body should look like.

Beautiful story. That young man sounds so cute! It's always satisfying to have another person, male or female, attracted to you ba<x>sed on your Speedos and bulge even if you can't do anything about it, either because they're underage or you're already in a relationship. Nothing wrong with allowing others to look though and chatting with them to prolong the experience.

dk31, you have a fantastic avatar and body if that is really you. I would like to watch you swim in that or even less!

<p>It was a shame; but, as I've said before Tim, I didn't need the hassle from the law or an upset parent. The boy did look rather endowed though and has left me with some very good ************ fantasy material of what might have been.</p>

Proudman, I can only hope! To see the wonderful outlines of a **** through a tight clinging speedo has to be one of the world's greatest sights. If they had been around back then just imagine what the statue of David would look like in a sheer wet one! LOL Uncut **** and all!

Hi DJK44, I miss your old avatar! That was one sexy as hell yellow Speedo. Thanks for reading my story and the kind comments. Unfortunately, I no longer have those Speedo's. I wish I could find another pair like them. <br />
Remember the quote, "Discretion is the better part of valor!" <br />
If someone were to run across a pair of white Speedo brief swimwear I would greatly appreciate a link to where I could buy some. <br />
Thank you again for your comments and read.<br />
PS: see response to funnylingerer above.

Hi funnlingerer, It has been quite a number of years since I had those Speedo's. At the time, I think I ordered them straight from the Speedo website. That was way before they even thought about having the newer style known as Jammers. I feel sorry for the kids on a swim team today if they are forced into wearing that style. They just don't look as comfortable as the bikini or brief style of old. When I was a teen all we had were black unlined bikini style with a bold red stripe down the middle/side left leg. They were comfortable and always showed our bulges quite well to the girls and guys that were looking.

Florida33805, Thanks for reading and the comments. Glad you enjoyed! I guess it was just one of those life experiences that you have to chalk up and say, "Oh, well!" I'm sure he would've enjoyed both my wife and I. He had the nice firm swimmer's body and what I could tell a nice endowment. I started to check him out more while alone in the sauna with him; but, again the fear of someone coming in and catching me with my lips wrapped around his erection deterred me. I wish it had been a real steam sauna to provide us cover. I'm sure I would've left filled with his "boy" ***!

Woodie for sure! Great event. It would have been nice to have worked out.

Hi hbud055,I knew that he was also traveling with his parents and really didn't want that situation to deal with. I sure as hell was tempted, though! Thanks for reading. I hope you liked it. If you're around Tennessee then please give me a shout!

I hope the readers enjoyed this true story. If he had been just a year older I'm sure he and I and possibly my ex would have had a very eventful night.