Attached to My Feet

I bought them over the internet two years ago and they've been with my for all my adventures. I'm quite connected to them. They have pink, yellow, blue and gray doodles and they are both uniquely designed, one has black laces and the other has white, inside the designer wrote "Jigaram, you are my liver" and put their signature. Not quite sure what that means, but gave me a chuckle when I first got them. Oh, and they're high tops.

They've got a worn look and I couldn't bare to replace them until they don't fit. Hopefully that won't be for awhile.
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3 Responses Oct 3, 2007

Hehe, I had a hot pink pair when I was in eighth grade. I love converse, I've bought a new pair pretty much every year except for this year because I love the pair I have now.

...and by the way... mine where hot pink

I buy these for my teenager and she cuts them! OMG I almost lost it... cut the ankle part right off. WHY WHY WHY! GGRR!! LOL