Big Baby In Baby Diapers

It all started when I became totally incontinent 5yrs ago from medicine I've been taking for my heart ryithem, and the medicine also made parts of my body numb, by numb I mean I lost mostof my feelings in my arms, hands, and from my waist's been like this for the past 5yrs now, I've been turned into a baby by my wife and my friends and wife has help taking care of me with my friends and family they all treat me just like a baby.They change my wet and messy diapers, and feed me all soft foods from a spoon, they all feed me my bottles and sometimes bathe me, basically they babysit me when my wife needs to go out shopping or somewhere else.I'm a big wetter so I have to wear thick cloth diapers with rubber pants all the time.I like it when my friend Lisa babysit's me she really baby's me, she the only one that let's me nurse on her boobs because she is still nursing her daughter and her daughter is 4yrs old and she is still in diapers too and still drinks from a bottle.When I'm being nursed by Lisa she she pats the front of my diapers and my rubber pants and sticks her fingers down my diapers to feel if I'm wet, and when I'm done sucking on her boobs she sits me up and puts my head over her shoulder and pats my back until I burp and sometimes pass gas or poop my diapers and if I do she takes me into my nursery and helps me up on the changing table after she go into the bathroom to get a wet washcloth.This is the best part of her babysitting me.I love it so much when she changing me, and especially when she kisses my belly and tickles me under my arms and the sides of my belly.Then when she's done playing with me she starts changing my wet and messy diapers while my wife walks into the nursery and asked Lisa if she needed any help and Lisa that's ok she got it then my wife left the nursery and Lisa started to remove my rubber pants, I don't wear anything over my diapers, unpins my diaper pins while she talking tome saying, did the baby make a stinky in his dippy ha! Did the baby pee pee his dippy then she pulls down the front of my diapers lifts up my legs I bend my knees she wipes me up with babywipes first then finished with the wet washcloth and saw I was getting a diaper rash and she started patting me dry and then reached under changing table to get the diaper rash cream and spreads it all over groin area and my butt and says to me you poor baby we have to tell your mommy you got a diaper rash don't we and I said ya we do Lisa.Then Lisa grabs a few diapers out from under the changing table and slides them under me sprinkles babypowder in the diapers and on my groin area pins all 4 diaper pins on me slips my rubber pants over my diapers and makes sure the rubber pants covering my diapers then she helps me down and puts me into my crib and asked me if wanted a bottle of milk and I said yes so she went and came back with babybottle full of milk puts the nipple in my mouth and I started sucking and she said to me now baby have a nice nap.
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A very very sweetstory!