I Bought These Cfm Shoes Because...

...No one I knew would ever guess that I would. My friend calls them "******** Shoes" but most people say they are CFM Shoes.

I don't wear them out much. But I have worn them for special events and of course they are fun to wear in the bedroom. When I have them on, my mood changes. It's almost magical. I feel more in control and sort of more confident. And of course the attention is awesome.

I am petite and don't get the stares that girls with large bosoms get, but when I wear these shoes in a dress or skirt I get every bit as much attention. Even in jeans people tend to look. The only down side is that they are not very comfortable.

You can see a pic of my shoes in my album here http://www.experienceproject.com/member_album.php?m=1923195768&va=14630

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8 Responses Jul 8, 2008

the above doesn't point to any album.

I'd love to see what you look like in them. I am a leg man, love to see a great pair of legs. please add me so I can see.

Absolutely amazing

to me a hot tomboy wearing an old pair of converse, those ARE cfm shoes.

Any shoes would become instantly sexy on your feet..

Never thought of that, but it would be easy to assume I was referring to the shoes in my avatar. :) Well they can be sexy too. Like when those are the only thing I have on :)

Loveyour humor. And girls with small boobs ARE sexier.

you bet!

with your current avatar - this story is hilarious!

WOW, looked at the pic of your shoes, they are hot!