I Wear Compression Stockings For Medical Reasons

I started wearing medical compression grade socks about 10 years ago and as I have aged, I have had to move to higher compression (now 30-40) and high length. I wore thigh high for about two years and then graduated to pantyhose four years ago. I have to say, the pantyhose are much more comfortable and stay in place so much better than the thigh high hose. I found the silicone beads irritated the skin on my thighs, especially in hot weather. In cold weather, they would slip too easily if I was active.
The pantyhose are not as hot as I expected, especially when I golf in 90+ degree weather. However, I wear them as one piece of undergarments. I tried them with cotton briefs, but that was too hot and sweaty in any temperature. I am in quite a bit of discomfort if I do not wear them. I also become dizzy and almost pass out if I am bending over looking at a putt and then stand up, so I need to wear them golfing. I also fly domestically and internationally on a weekly basis (one or the other). I realized I needed to go see a vein specialist when one of my leg veins became inflamed when I flew to London years ago.
It has taken me a while to get used to the thought of having to wear them, but now that I do, it seems completely natural for me and I forget I have them on. I found Juzo to be the best fitting, best comfort, and opaque enough to wear without wearing socks over them. I tried that too and it was not comfortable at all. I have black, chocolate, gray, and beige (for Khaki pants).
Sometimes I kid myself and only wear the knee highs once a month or less and then regret it by noon. I also find it difficult to sleep if I don’t keep them on until I get in bed. So, if I shower at 8pm, I need to put another pair on until I retire for the evening.
Am I self conscious that I am wearing pantyhose? Yes, but I rationalize it with the fact I cannot go without them. The one thing I do miss is wearing shorts playing golf. My golfing buddies have all asked why I never wear shorts. I told them I needed to wear compression socks and I assume they thought knee length. Only my two closest friends (not counting my wife and kids) know they go all the way up.
I can’t live without them now!
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I hope you shave your legs. Your pantyhose will feel and look so much nicer

The good and bad news is that the circulation in my lower legs is so bad that the hair from my knees on down doesn't grow anymore, that's why I have to wear compression stockings. The hair grows some above my knees and I shave from there up so that my thigh high stockings with the silicone dots will stay up. I also agree that it looks and feels a lot better. The best news is that my Wife really likes the way my smooth legs feel against hers.

She must really like how your boobs feel against her, per your other experience :)

I've been wearing thigh length compression stockings since 2011 when I was diagnosed with Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). At first I was nervous about wearing shorts with my stockings but after I realized my health was what was important I now wear with shorts all of the time and don't think a thing about it. I've only been asked about them once, and that was from a man whose wife wore them. He wanted a bit of information about how to put them on her more easily. I personally like the heavier opaque type (Jobst Relief, Mediven Comfort) since they last a lot longer but I do wear the ultra sheer type from time to time.

I wear 20-30 compression pantyhose with shorts everyday if I'm not working. I've worn them playing golf, and like you it can be unbearable to wear long pants over them during the summer so I finally decided the heck with it...I'm going to be comfortable. Nobody cares or even pays any attention. Be comfortable and start wearing shorts and you will see its not a big deal to anybody.

Also wanted to let you know what brand I prefer. I wear Ames Walker style 33 20-30 compression in beige, they are very durable, long wearing, and comfortable in hot climates.

Hi . Ames Walker are very opaque in the 20-30 compression . I am a biker and I wear them openly riding my Harley . I have never had a bad comment .