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Why I Enjoy Tight Corsets

I wear corsets inspired by my wife; she is very tightly corseted since age 15 (she comes from a very traditional European family). As I saw her how much she enjoys being so tightly laced and the very sexy feelings she has when corseted, I had to try it myself. Now I am a very strict male tightlacer, mostly using the very difficult straightfront (Eduardian style) corsets since over 20 years. As I am wearing my corsets all day, and we often even sleep corseted, my wife did a lot of training with me, to learn how to move, how to sit, how to bend down, to walk etc., not to hide my corsets, but to avoid feminine movements. For my work as an international consultant I always must wear formal three-piece suits, which I had made in Singapore to my figure. Obviously to many it is obvious that I am corseted, and if questioned I admit it; is see no shame at all in that. On social occasions women like to dance with me, while their hand explore my corset laces.

I very much like the tightness of my "containerized" body, and my wife is so proud of my new figure; this gives my a very strong feeling of inner security plus more pleasant feelings all day long. I like it that I never can forget how tightly I am corseted (from 36" to 28" in long-line corsets and 24" in short ones)

At home (in Mexico with tropical climate) we wear just our corsets and a few sexy accessories, and our realtionship could not be better.

We own corsets from many corsetier(es), my best from  M. Garrod (unfortunately deceased), from Dark Garden in San Francisco, from "Olga" in Buenes Aires, and marvellous rubber corsets from Brasil (imagine!), wich we use for swimming.

To avoid boring you, let me close and say that I would be very interested to exchange experiences with other female and male corstees.

Tight greetings, dieter



dieterhelmut dieterhelmut 51-55, M 15 Responses Sep 27, 2009

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Wonderful explanation and description. Thank you.
We have so much in common.
Now I must go look at your photos.

Hello rubberhill,
my rubber corsets are from Emagrecintas in Rio De Janeiro; the two elderly ldies insist on taking their own exact measurements and thus do not do mail orders. I don't know where you live, or to where you can travel, but in Germany are several small businesses which also make magnificent rubber wear.
Good luck;

Please tel me where I can buy a rubber corset,I really need one,
thanks, mark

Hello Rocky,
so nice of you to comment on my writing; I suppose you have seen also my pictures.
As you wrote it is marvellous to have a well corseted woman as a loving partner, and best yet is sex, both well corseted.
Cordial greetings;

you make it sound so good to wear a corset, I am exploring wearing a corset but not a big following where I live. What would be the best corset to start out with? I have been on the Internet and love the way it shape the body.

I just received my 1st training corset ( black satin w/steel boning ) and I am dying to try it on! I had to lie to my wife and told her it was for her.

ACAPULCO, MEXICO, FRIDAY 11/11/11 (what a crazy date ?)<br />
<br />
Hello Rowena68,<br />
sorry for long delayed reply: Yes it is true, I am also surprised that my natural waist never got smaller; but by my prolonged corseting my chest got much bigger, as you can see at the photos posted under my profile.<br />
Do you have any thouhgts what to do, so my body keeps the shape which my corsets give me?<br />
Tightly corseted greetings, dieterhelmut

After corseting all that time, I'm surprised your natural waist is still 36 inches.

Oh yes, love the feeling of being lace up nice and tight! Love the curves it gives to me!

I think I can safely say that you haven't bored any of us with that story. You get down to 24 inches, WOW! Oh it makes me all tingly just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing.

i agree with ninacd, the longer and stiffer the better - this also applies to corsets!

i agree with ninacd, the longer and stiffer the better - this also applies to corsets!

There is not word that can describe the feeling when wearing it. I will never stop wearing it.

I too enjoys being so tightly laced and it is a very sexy feelings to wear a corseted.

Wonderful.!!! All males should try a corset. I have worn one for over 50 years. the longer and stiffer the better.<br />