Never Gave Up Being A Baby In Diapers

I tried getting potty trained at the age of 5 years old with my mommy putting underwear on me I would have accidents in the underwear during the day and night. A few months later mommy put me back into diapers 24/7 with a diaper changing table put in my room for diapers changes. I started carrying around my baby blankie around and sucking on my thumb with my mommy noticing me sucking on my thumb alot got me a pacifier. When I started school mommy tried potty training again it never worked out, so I was diapered sent to school having to be the only person in my class diapered and having to go down to the nurses office to get diaper changes. When I was 12 years old I still wore diapers 24/7 I started sucking my thumb again and carrying around one of my little teddy bears around the house my mommy started to notice that I started to act like a baby again. A few days later my mommy brought a pacifier for me and told me if I wanted to be her little baby again I agreed to it. few weeks later my room was changed into a baby's nursery and my mommy got a nanny to babysit me. I started getting homeschooled, so I could have diaper changes, feeding times, nappys times and etc. I am still diapered 24/7 with a nanny babysitting me, dressing me and feeding me. I have a certain beddy bye time, bathtime, cry like a little sissy baby when hungrey or dirty diaper on. My mommy always likes being around her little baby that never wants to growup I cry like a little baby that always needs to be cared for with adultbaby nursery and always play with my baby toys with me watching baby shows on tv always. I will probably be cared for for the rest of my life like a little 2 year old toddler because I do not have any control of my bladder bowel movements and mentally have a mind of a 2 year old toddler having to be cared for by my mommy and nanny.

true Story......
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good story im the same way as you im a baby 24/7 if you like to email me