I'm Always Wet And Messy With A Diaper Rash

I'm a incontinent baby and been this way for 5yrs and it's all because of nerve sensory neuropathy causes numbness in the body and some parts of the body can get severely numb like me.What did this to me was medicine that was prescribed to me for heart ryithem 5yrs ago and it took 9 months to affect me.I can't take care of myself I'm like a infant and my wife treats me just like a baby like our son he 5 and not potty trained yet or self-contained he has to be feed and bathed and we both sleep in the same crib and play in the same playpen but we have separate high chairs and use the same changing table but I wear cloth diapers and he wears disposables.My wife got her hands full with the both of us because she has two baby's to take care of.We both eat at the same time in our high chairs with bibs tied around our necks, and we are feed the same food but have different baby spoons and different baby bowls I like poo bears and my son likes bugs bunny my baby bowl has poo bears along with my bib and my babybottles and my son has bugs bunny on all his things too.When my son wets and messes his diapers you can tell my his face and he knows he's pooping his diapers because he's doing it purposely, and I don't now when I wetting or pooping my diapers because I can't feel the wetness or the mushynes inside my diapers I can't feel my diaper rash either.My wife knows when our sons diaper is full all the time but has to smell or feel my diapers to know if I need a change.TheIr was one evening we were in our playpen drinking our bottles of Apple juice and I started making diarrhea in my diapers and my son started laughing because he could hear the sounds coming from my diapers and plus he could see it through my white rubber pants and then he calls for mommy and yells daddy did lots of poopy in his diapers and he smells ohooo he's stinky mommy. (TO BE CONTINUE)
anaudus anaudus
51-55, M
Dec 3, 2012