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I Am Forced To Wear Diapers And Plastic Panties

I am forced to Wear Diapers and Plastic panties since my 10, because I wet at nightime
Roxannegam Roxannegam 22-25, F 20 Responses Nov 18, 2010

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Other than destroying the mattress, I wouldn't be upset about bed wetting. I was a wetter until.I was 16 & they didn't have adult disposable diapers back then. But girls on wet panties is a turn on, be it accidental or on purpose

once you get this out in the oopen you begin to even have more and more warm feelings


i see

yes of course even in day if sleep a bit, sometime i pee in my short.<br />
<br />
anyway i am force to poo then and spank over it


I was never forced. I wonder if my situation would be different now if I had been FORCED back into diapers. When I was little I always wanted to be back in diapers but I hated making my mom and dad mad. Glad to hear you learned to enjoy your diapers.

oh yes!<br />
<br />
13 years old<br />
<br />
My mother and BF spank me<br />
<br />
I change myself since 13, but before it was my mother

Hi Rx,<br />
<br />
What do you like most - being forced or the plastic panties themselves? How do you like to be forced? Some people (me) enjoy being spanked and put in them. I know others just need a telling off. And some prefer a more sensual way.


at 13<br />
<br />
my mother<br />
<br />
she change me from 10-to 13, but after it is mostly myself

i have to wear nappies and plastic pants, as i have that kind of problem. and i have been given about 90 nappies a few plastic pants . nappies for life time, but a few pants, aint enough at the moment. any one no were i can get plastic pants for free<br />
<br />
edited on the 11th january 2011...<br />
i still have to have them at night aswell. so i cant get away from them

From 13 after 3 years i began to like it becauce I begun to ***<br />
<br />
My mother but I wear them only at night, day time it is in my panties and shorts

uh oh, apologies. you have written about it all in "Becoming a Diaper Wearing Baby Girl". that's a great story too. still, this story is about being forced. i like being forced too of course. i discovered i liked being forced in my late teens. when did you realize you liked being forced, or don't you like it?

did she still spank you after 13? when did you start to like spanking? sorry - maybe you don't like it! and who disciplines you now and changes your diaper?

not not at the beginning, but since 13 it is ok<br />
<br />
Spank in the morning if i wet, but she forced me to poo in them before

Did you like them when you were 10, or did you like them later? What was it like in the beginning?

When I do in my diaper during the night I force to to in them in the morning then spank over it

La nuit je pisse des fois!<br />
<br />
Mais c'est la seulement que je suis forcé a chier dans ma couche le matin et que je reçoit une fessée dessus

Mais ma chère Roxanne, tu ne mouilles pas seulement, mais surtout tu te chies dessus comme un petit enfant. C'est pour celà que tu portes des couches et c'est pour celà que je t'aimes tellement. Stp postes une fois des nouvellles photos de toi.<br />
Bisous.<br />
Ton adorateur belge qui chie dans sa culotte à l'instant même.<br />
Fais moi un message stp si tu veux savoir plus sur l'état de ma culotte.