Diapers For Pleasure and Need

 I'm a lifelong diaper lover. When I was young I just knew I was the only one in the world who wanted to wear diapers and plastic panties. After years of shame of wearing them and ************ in them in secret I discovered all of us who enjoy the same wonderful feeling that they give us. As I've grown older I've developed a form of periodic IBS which is sometimes inconvenient and can be embarrassing. I really don't like a poopy diaper as some do. But having my diaper on gives me security on knowing that if i do have a leak I can contain it and not make a real mess. So now i have a reason the wear my cloth diapers almost 24/7. I use a disposable liner so If I do have a poopy accident the clean up is easier. I do like to wet my diaper. I also love to wear lingerie and sissy outfits. I always wear panties over my diaper and plastic panties. I wear silk pj's of some sort to bed every night. As far as I know my wife is the only person outside of cyberspace that knows of my secret. She's OK with some of what I wear and understands my need for diapers but doesn't enjoy me when I'm en femme or sissied.

Cumphie Cumphie
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2009

Like you, when |I was a teenager I thought that I was the only one that liked to wear a nappy and/or plastic pants. And as for wetting and messing in them I was obviously the only one in the world that would want to do this. How wrong I was!!!!!<br />
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Three cheers for the internet.

Finding out I wasn't the only one was great.