Forced To Be In A Diaper

when i was 14 i started to wet the bed at night. i went about a month with out my mom noticing. one day she saw i had wet the bed, but she did not tell me she had. she kept it a secret till that night, after she went to the store. when she was at the store she had bought soome assurance diapers from wal-mart. i was down stairs practicing in our batting cage that my dad gave me as a gift. she called me up and told me to go to her room for a minute. i went in and she told me to lie down on the bed. and of course i asked her what was going on and she told me she had saw my bed and that it was very babyish to wet the bed. when she took out the diaper i was about to cry. she skid the diaper on me and told me that i was to wear the diaper day and night for the next two days.
  i thought she ment just to wear the diaper but not use it. so when it came time i had to go to the bathroom i went to the bathroom door, and it was locked. i asked her to unlock it and she said that i was not to go to the bathroom, and that i had to use my diaper like a baby, and that i am also not to tell her when i have use it because babies dont talk, and that she would know when to change me. so i went to my room and had to poop really bad. i tried to hold it in as long as i could but finaly i let go and had gone poop. about ten minutes later she came into my room with a new diaper.
   that night when i went to bed i was in a new diaper. and when i woke up i had wet.
   after those two night i have lways worn a diaper to bed to keep it dry and it helps.
bigZ20 bigZ20
Aug 12, 2010