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Diapered At Night

Long story but it couldn't be told shorted. As a bedwetter I most always was in diapers at night. When I was real young (under 5), I didn't know any different, I just wore diapers. Then I was out of diapers a few years. When I was potty trained during the day, Mom took my out of diapers totally. Then after many wet nights of restless sleep Mom put me back in diapers. (age 8 or 9) I didn't like having to be put back in diapers but got great sleep at night and the couple times that Mom thought I was ready to be out of diapers it was odd. I just couldn't sleep without diapers on. Some of it was maybe being afraid I was going to wet the bed but most of it was just a great comfort level from being in diapers. As I got older into my teens it was a real problem. I couldn't do sleepovers or have other boys over to the house. It was bad enough when my sister had friends over. I really actually loved being diapered at night but also wanted to be out of diapers so I could do what other normal teens did. It even prevented me from getting a girlfriend. I mean I had some girlfriends, but nothing serious. In my late teens I only wanted two things; first I wish that our family had more money so I could have cool clothes like a lot of other kids had. I thought that if I had cool clothes I would be part of the "in" crowd and would be able to get a girlfriend. (I know how stupid that sounds now). Second I wanted to be dry at night. I wanted to be able to NOT have to wear diapers at night, to able to go over to friends houses. AND being out of diapers at night was a total requirement for having a girlfriend. I would have traded anything to be out of diapers. Even with how much comfort I got from being diapered and how much I loved the feeling of sleeping in a diaper I just didn't want it anymore, I wanted to be dry at night. After high school I went on to college but I lived at home. By the time I reached 22-23 I really, really, really didn't want to be in diapers anymore. I was even considering some radical surgery that might possible help. I just wanted a girlfriend but was afraid to get one if I was still in diapers at night. But then I thought I found a solution to my problem and it worked...somewhat. No fluids at all during the day. Get up first thing in the morning and chug a ton of water, then nothing after that. It worked, I just didn't have anything left in me when it came to bedtime. I would sleep without a diaper and kind of have just a small towel wadded up in my underwear in case I leaked at all. It work and I started dating this one girl I knew from high school. It became serious quick....I fell in love. But then something bad happed. I was over to her grandmother’s house for a holiday (I think Thanksgiving) and I passed out from dehydration. They called an ambulance and I went to the hospital. They pumped me back full of fluids and then came the news, I was damaging my liver from dehydration and taking Advil (to fight the headaches from dehydration). My doctor said I need to start putting fluids back in my body again. The first night in the hospital I wet the bed. The nurse (a male) came in the next night and said that my doctor had spoken to me and I needed to be diapered at night. (she hadn’t spoken to me about it) He was going to diaper me when I said, don’t worry I’ll do it myself. I did and after that I was back in diapers at night. I got out of the hospital after a couple days and was back home. My girlfriend just thought that the problem was all the Advil I was taking, I didn’t tell her about my problem. As our relationship grew she started to pester me about sleeping over to her house. I always left her place in the middle of the night before I fell asleep. I made up every excuse in the world why I couldn’t stay. From had to work the next day to I can’t sleep if I’m not in my own bed. All excuses started to get very weak. I also told her that I just didn’t have any clothes to change into in the morning, I shouldn’t have said that. Then in the blink of an eye everything changed. I got a call during the middle of the day and my girlfriend was pissed. She screamed at me that I cheated on her. I didn’t understand as I had never been with another girl……at all. I said we’d talk about it tonight. I went to her house not knowing what I was in for. I went in and there on the table was the perfect dinner waiting for me. She came over, gave me a big hug and said she was sorry. She talked with my sister and my sister had explained to her that I was not lying to her and it was just a misunderstanding. I was totally confused but when I asked more she said we’d talk about it later. We had dinner & then watched a movie. After that she said let’s go to the bedroom for a couple minutes…..I knew what she meant. We had only slept together once before (it was my first time ever but I didn’t tell her that, till this days she doesn’t know that either) and I was like ok. We went in and she undressed me and she started right off giving me oral. I just stood there like any guy, loving it. Then she asked if I trusted her? I thought kind of an odd question, but I said yes, what could I really say. She grabbed a scarf and blind folded me and told me to lie down on the bed. I did. Then I heard her getting undressed and she started to ride me. Once again, I’m I guy, I loved it but remember, this was only my second time so I just did whatever she told me to do. Then she got up and the next thing I know she was tying a bed sheet around my wrist. I went to take the scarf off but she grabbed my hand and asked again if I trusted her? Again I said yes and just laid there. She tied both of my wrists and ankles to the bed posts. I couldn’t move much so just laid still. Then I heard her uncap something and squirt it on my guy parts, I smelled it and knew that it was baby lotion. She then started to rub me and with her hand she had me almost to the point that I wanted to explode. I had done this to myself a million times and knew what it felt like but this was much better with her doing it. Then she stopped. I begged for her to keep going but she told me to wait, she had to get something. I laid there and I heard her walking around the room, then her dresser drawer opening and she was grabbing something in a bag. Then she walked over to the bed, got on the bed and I could felt her sitting between my legs. She gave me a couple more tugs and then I heard the plastic and the very distinct sound of something opening that I’ve heard a million times but then I thought I must have been wrong. She then said “lift your bottom”. I turned red with embarrassment but knew my ears had not mistaken me….she had a diaper and wanted to diaper me. I tried to pull at my arms and get free but the bed sheet restraints were too tight. After only just a couple seconds I went back motionless and just laid there still, not moving an inch. This time, she repeated herself in a more forceful voice and a very light slap to my thigh “LIFT YOUR BOTTOM!” This time I complied. She then slid the diaper under me and in a second I felt her pull the diaper up between my legs. She started to unpeel the tapes on the diaper and pull them over nice and tight one at a time. While doing it she said that she had not changed a diaper in 10 years but with 5 younger brothers and sisters she had done it thousands of times and she still was a pro at it, just she thought her diaper changing days were behind her until she kids of her own. Again, I just laid there in total shock. She pulled off the blind fold and I turned my head to the side as to not make eye contact with her. She then sat down on the side of the bed and explained to me. She went to my house to get some things so I could spend the night at her house with no excuses. She grabbed a blanket, some extra clothes out of my closest and then went to my dresser to get some underwear and socks. And when she opened the bottom drawer, why she opened the bottom drawer first and not the top I still don’t understand, that’s when she saw the diapers. She freaked and the only thing she could think of what that I had a kid and the diapers were for him or her. That’s when she called me and freaked out on me. Then she called my sister and my sister blew me in. She told her the whole truth about me being a lifelong bedwetter. My girlfriend said she was shocked and just left everything there. Then after a couple hours of thinking about it she went back and grabbed everything along with half a dozen diapers. She said she totally loved me and didn’t want to lose me over something that this stupid but didn’t think I would let her diaper me and that I would leave forever due to embarrassment and that’s when she thought about tying me up. When I asked her to untie me so I could get up and get changed she said no. I was like what do you mean no? She said she wanted me to wet my diaper and after she changed my wet diaper I would be untie me…..but if I wanted to leave her now I could. I don’t know why at the time but I said ok. She went to the living room to watch a movie and I fell asleep. It was dark and in the middle of the night when I woke to her squeezing my diaper. It was wet. I woke up and she asked if I did it on purpose and I said no. She then went and got some wet paper towels and a fresh diaper. She took my diaper off and cleaned me off. Then she put on more baby oil and grabbed another diaper. She asked me to lift my bum which I did but this time she didn’t pull the diaper up right away, she grabbed me and started stoking me….again right until I was about to release….then she stopped. I was going nuts. I begged her to keep going but she said wait a minute. She pulled my diaper up and did the tapes. Then she hopped up on top of me and rode me like before but this time with the diaper on there was no actual contact other that the diaper. I released and she kept grinding only for a moment before she did the same. She got up and said sorry that she got her wetness on the outside of my diaper. She grabbed the wet paper towels and cleaned it off my diaper. She then asked if I need my diaper changed again? I said no I was fine. She then started to untie me. While untying me she said that was the greatest experience of her life sexually. I didn’t understand it at all. She asked if I would now stay and at that point what could I do. I was so tired. She crawled into bed. She kept grabbing at my junk though my diaper and I fell asleep. In the morning I woke up and was wet, but just barely. I tried to get out bed without waking her but she was already awake. She told me to stay right there. She went and got some more wet paper towels. She then removed my diaper, cleaned me down and dried me off and rolled everything up into a diaper ball. I thought, definitely she had changed a lot of diapers before. Then she laid down next to me and once again she grabbed me with a firm hand and started to jerk and tug, faster and faster till I was about ready to explode. This time I was the one that tried to stop her. I said it was going to make a mess. She said that she loved to do it and watch “it” do it’s thing…..and it did. She then got right up and cleaned me up. She made comment to the fact that she thought I would resist more when she diapered me and that she thought that I liked being diapered. I turned totally red and she then said “enough said, you do like being diapered you little freak”. I then said “well you didn’t seem to mind diapering me?” She said “actually, I don’t like the diapers at all….but I love the control I have over you in diapers”. “And just the thought of having you 100% at my mercy gets me excited”. A couple hours later that morning during breakfast she said “I will make you a deal……I will diaper you at night and change you in the morning but you have to do whatever I ask you to do, whenever I ask.” I asked “like a slave” She said “no, not like a slave, I’m not looking for that, just when I say to do something, I want you to do it, not follow me around, clinging all over me looking to do everything for me”. I told her I needed to think about it and we talk more that night. That night all I said to her was “yes” and she knew what I meant. From that time on I sleep over to her place just about every night. She diapered my every night and our relationship turned very intimate and sexual. Anyway, years later and we’re married.
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That was a great story and I'm glad it worked out for you. I wet the bed until I was almost 12 and my mother would usually pin my diapers on right after my bath. There weren't any disposable diapers back in the 1950s, only cloth and rubber pants. I used to go for sleepovers at friends houses and, for me, it wasn't any big deal because several of my friends were bedwetters and wore diapers at night also. I was somewhat embarrassed when the mother of one of my friends would diaper me, but at the time it didn't seem that unusual.<br />
When I was 12 years old, (and not wearing diapers anymore) I got a crush on my neighbors daughter. We were in the same grade but she went to a different school and I knew she still wore diapers because I would see them hanging on her clothesline and she was an only child. I guess you could say it was puppy love but I always thought of her as being my girlfriend. She was always sick and I found out that she had leukemia and that was one of the reasons she still wore diapers. We spent so much time together, that summer, that when her mother would change her diapers, I would just sit there and watch and not think anything of it. We used to play house and she always wanted me to be the baby, but I would tease her and say that she was the one wearing a diaper except for one time. I agreed to be the baby she was trying to put a diaper on me so I could be a "real baby" when her mother walked in on us. I thought we were both going to get into a lot of trouble but Peggy's mother just came over and started showing her how to pin a diaper on a baby properly. With her help Peggy got me diapered and dressed in rubber pants and I think she even put a baby bonnet on me. <br />
She died just a few weeks later but I have those very fond memories of her putting a diaper on me with her mother's help and acceptance. Thinking back I wish we could have played house a lot more than just the one time.

Great story.

I really, really like your story and can't wait to read some more : )

Your a very lucky man to have suck a woman that care for you that much , and I hope that you both have many years together .

What a great story, Garybaybe! How many ladies would have turned and run'd off??? She sounds like just the lady you needed to meet, and it just goes to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel for many people that have bedwetting problems. Some people have fought this issue all of their lives, living in consternation and anxiety, but in the final analysis, a little problem is just that - a LITTLE problem. <br />
<br />
You guys are very lucky to have each other and I hope she has just as much enjoyment from your shared experience. Take care of her!<br />
<br />

this is awesome !!