Tell My Mom About My Diapers

Hi, i love to wear and wet diapers and i do this almost every night since five or six years ago, sometimes i wear them even in daytime.

The fact is i want to tell it to my mom. Occasionally in the past she found out pads or diapers, and she related to me.
In my teen years she get really mad, nowadays when for some reasons she found some diaper releted clue she really doesn't care too much, so i'm starting thinking tha she actually know something about it.

I was wandering if it's time to tell her clearly about diapers, i wear them almost every night as i've already said, and my plan is to pretend to "get caught" in the morning with a wet diaper (or a dry one) and tell her that i love to wear them...

I think she would accept it due to the fact that pratically she already knew it.

What would you do?
Do you have any suggestion?


Sorry for my bad english my it's not my first language
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

you english is fine , and i would say that might be the best thing to do , i am an adult living back at home and have said nothing to mine . i just wear diapers under my clothing most of the time and not one of my friend or the girl i was with last asked about the plastic bed sheats . and if your mom would disowne you for that "some thing i dout would happen" she is a bad mom . but i would say that is the best way to do it, no point in letting your love of diapers keep you locked in your room and away from other people.