My Landlady

I have wearing diapers, wearing infantile pyjamas and using baby bottles and pacifiers  whenver possible over the past thirty years. I moved into a house where I told my land lady that I still wet my bed and She would go to the supermarket whenever I needed more diapers. I also wore very childish type pyjamas and sometimes if my diaper leeked I would have to bring my wet sheets and pjs downstairs and my landlady would wash them. It was quite embarassing  and when i would return home the washed sheets and pjs would be drying on the line further enforcing my feeling of being a little boy with a big problem. Though she treated me like a little boy, she never offered to change my diapers but would joke when I was having my glass of milk before that it was my baby´s bottle. There was a woman who cleaned the house and she was aware of my diapers as ahe cleaned my room and would see my diapers and when changing the sheets on my bed would see the plastic mattress protector. I have since moved to my own apartment but now regret not asking my landlady to put me in diapers and not being more open about my baby bottle and pacifiers.

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There are ladies out there, that would love to have a baby around; reguardless of the babies size.

Wow that's neat. I never had anyone be so supportive about bedwetting that isn't inside the family. I am glad she was so nice to you. I once called the front desk at a motel and asked for a plastic sheet to protect my bed. The nice lady brought a shower curtain down and helped me ***** the bed and put it on. As we remade the bed she told me if I was wet in the morning to give a call to the front desk and they would be happy to change the sheets for me. She also thanked me for being so upfront about it. She said so many people just let their kids soak the beds at their motel that they almost have gotten plastic covers for all the beds.

Good story,and I think you should have asked her.