Bed Wetting

hi i am lisa i am 26 yr old and i wear diapers i like them a lot they are verry comfertable and thick and boulky and they make a russtlen sound wen i walk but they make me feel like a big baby and i like that feeling i think i;ll wear them all the time
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I 2 am 24 yrs old Mcl and I Wear Pull-Ups Training pants 4 girls There Sooo Comfertable and I Also Kinda Get Hoeny Wen Wearing Them Idk If Im Weird I do However Know This Is Part Of Who I Am And I Love Everything Pullups Are Very Much Better Than Any Underwear Made I Will Adventually Be Wearing 24/7 I Gots Me A Gf/Mummy And Cant Wait Til Me And Mummy Are Together And Ill Let Her Change Me If She Wants It Mite Turn Me On

I Hope She Actually Comes To Be With Me Shes From London Ill Give It Lil While To See If Shes Serious About Being My Gf/Mummy

Hi I Do Too ,I’m 5o year old male and like how they feel and I get a better night sleep and keeps the bed dry.

Same here

Hi I'm new too this site. My name is Ernie I'm a DL looking for ppl to chat with....hope to hear from you.....

I love girls who wet the bed and their diapers. You seem to enjoy diapers as much as I do and that is a good thing.<br />
<br />
I hope you do decide to wear them all the time.

I bet you look good in a diaper to

i wear them cosue i need them but i have gown to love having diapers on .<br />
so keep em on 24-7 or more like 23-7 gota shower some time xD

me and my girlfriend love to wear diapers we change each other me and her poop and pee in diapers but let me tell you how i met her i was looking for a girl friend and a friend of mine told me his other friends sisters cuzin is the gir for me so i started to get to know her we started dating and one day i got to stay a week at her house and we played and when her father wasnt looking we would kiss then after a while it was time to sleep and i noticed a diaper on the floor and i asked her if she wears them and she said she had to be honest and she said yes she actualy likes them i said wow i actualy like them to. so that was cool and one summer her mom had to go to a buisness trip and she had to stay over at my house because her mom got hurt in a big accident and had to stay in the hospital for a year and you know what that means she (my girfriend) had had to stay at my house and every minute of that year was awesome we changed each other and kissed oh and did it without worrie and because i olnly had a grandma and we wore each others dirty diapers just to add on (me and her were only 7 at the time we are now both 15 and we have been girfriend and boyfriend scince then) me and her ab solutly love each other. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

I wish i could fins a gurl wike dat i means wike i would bes soo happies i thought i had but theres no way we would bes able to bes together bc her mom controls hersies and mes noz can wait mes tried i hopesies she will bes okasies but youse kwos mes noz given up hopes mes kwos someday in someway I wills fins mes a Abdl girlfwrien

I got to where diapers 24/7 and i can not controll my blader so i peed my self so bad my goodnite saged and my dress was all they way wet and i had to just wear my goodnite but my friends did not make fun of me

to me my diapers just make life easer and fun they keep the wetting privet and it has became fun

Hot, Hot, Hot, where can I got those diapers? You look great in them! I don't want to sound any more weird then the rest of the post you have gotten, but i enjoy wearing diapers as much as you and I am looking for a friend who wants to have some honest diaper fun, like going out in public diapered. I mean seriously, nobody know you are wearing a diaper unless they wear one too, right?

i wish we could chat

well iwear nappies to bed because i wake up sometimes busting and the trip to the lav is sometimes too much it is not done with any sexual motive but i sometimes can not hold my wee it does not bother me sometimes in the evenings when i put them on my body loves the warmth and i wee them spontaneously

I wear diapers for medical reason and they dont bother me besides women in diapers are cute

you have a brave personality. i like it. could u tell me more about it

I'm 13 and want to wear diapers aswell but I don't want my patents to know about it! I mean it's just great!!!!! I love the feeling! I remember being 6 and younger, and when my mom had to use the restroom. I ofcourse had to come in with her and I remember her looking in her pants and checking her pad, and ever since I have wanted diapers. I don't think I should steal pads from my mom, cause it's just weird ya know! But I have done that a few times and loved the feeling! I just thought it was just AWESOME!!!!! :) :D but my sister who is 15 gets suspicious cuz she can smell the scent of pads sooo I haven't used pads since. I was 11 so I wasnt really mature. Help me!!! I love the idea of diapers but like it's hard to sneack it! Please if there is a way to take the scent out of ads please tell me!!!

would you like to add me to your circle

I'm 24 now and I have to wear babies nappies for bedwetting.

Your profile pic is amazing. You wear that diaper well.

I'm 13 and I wer diapers

If that soft bulk between your legs and that gentle rustling when you walk as well as feeling the warmth of wetting your diaper, do it! Wear whenever you want, but don't expect everyone to understand the gentle feeling of safety when you are nicely diapered.

Bet you would look great in cloth diapers and plastic panties!

im 16 and iuwant to wear diapers. but i have no way of getting them

ask your mom to buy them or buy them online , and be sure to turn down the idea of meds couse come on . look at the the bad side effects like liver and kidni damge .
i would rather wet my self than risk any of that

i want t owear diapers and im 13 shold i just start wetting thee bed on pourpous or wat help

i want t owear diapers and im 13 shold i just start wetting thee bed on pourpous or wat help

Boy if only i could find a 26 year old baby like yourself... I'm not as in to wearing diapers myself, but i love when women wear them; especially if they're willing to let me change them when they're wet!


Be who you are inside. Let it show outside. Marry me> I wear diapers too and have many items for a Baby like you.