At the age of 15 my brother became my legal guardian. Our parents were sadly killed. he was 22. On my first day in his guardianship he lay down the law and let me know in no uncertain terms how things would be from now on. He told me that my life with our parents had been soft and namby pamby. This was all to change.

I was informed that I would be put into nappies day and night. I would have to wear them to school. I would wear disposables during the day and cloth at night. all nappies were worn with plastic pants. I had  really thick disposables to wear at week-ends. On top of this I would be put back into short trousers, grey corduroy for school and various others at home. Then I was informed of my new bedtimes which would be strictly adhered to, 7pm school days and 7.30 at week-ends. When told all this I wanted to cry. I probably did. Going back into shorts was'nt a reall problem as I had not long come out of them and there were boys in my year still in shorts.

I well remember lying on a rubber sheet to be pinned into a cloth nappy and then having plastic pants pulled over. Pj's were not allowed. The first night in my bed made up with pastic and rubber sheets was something I'll remember for ever. I was soon wetting every night and during the day. Had no choice! I've had brief periods of not wetting myself but on the whole I've been nappied from that day to this.

Anyone else gone through similar?

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When I was about seven, my mom threatened to babyfy me in WHOLE because she caught me sneaking/wearing a baby diaper. She never did, but I now know it was most likely a veiled threat. If I only know what I knew now, I could have dared her to, and might have enjoyed an extra few decades of total abness. :)

I didn't have an experience like that, but wonder how far things would have gone if I said yes to my mom's wanting to put me back in diapers when I wet the bed or my pants.

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