I am diabetic, have three disks compressed L1, L2 & L3 and an enlarged prostrate. About 5 years ago I began experiencing wetting my underwear at night. Then a couple of mornings I awoke in a wet bed. I had taken some sleeping pills. I went to my doctor and he suggested that I wear a collection bag and a Cather. I purchased adult diapers and have been using them ever since. I have disposable and cloth with plastic panties. At first I was upset and my wife smiled and said we aren't having the yellow river. She also said that I look cute. She suggested that I put on my diaper earlier than bed time. I started at 9, then 8 and then 7 at night. Each earlier hour calmed me down, until I have come to embrace them and oter change into my diaper as soon as I come home from work around 5:30. Generally I would sill go to the bathroom, until one evening I found both bathroom doors locked. I found my wife and she had the key on a chain and wicked smile. She told me that I really look so cute that she decided that I needed to use my diaper as they were intended to be used. So from the time I get home and until I go to work I wear and use my diapers to my and my wife's pleasure. She is now hinting that I should wear my diapers 24/7.
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Awhhhh....... that is SO sweet!

it's better with a catheter.
you can wear the latex for 3 weeks to a month.
the silicon is good for 6 month.
I like the latex.
tell your wife if she don't open the toilets, you will wear catheter and she can wait to have sex.