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I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants at night because I don't want wet sheets. I have had wetting problems for all of my life, and just recently, I've come to terms with this, emotionally. I no longer feel the shame I once did. I figure wearing diapers is better having wet pants or sheets. I was a chronic bed-wetter as a child in the 1960s and it was completely misunderstood. I often wonder how this current generation deals with bed-wetting.

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somehow waking up in a wet diaper is much more acceptable than waking up in wet sheets... just relax and enjoy

I am sorry to hear about your bed wetting problem. I don't really have that problem. However, I still wish you the best of luck and hope that some day you can overcome it.<br />
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I too wear terry nappies and plastic pants because I wet the bed most nights I was a chronic bedwetter as a child. I have accepted that being a bedwetter is just part of who I am and no longer feel any shame in it. I think it is high time any stigma attatched to bedwetting was banished for good. It isn't really such a big deal. I can think of far worse things.