My Wife Now Prefers Wearing Diapers, Instead Of Having To Use Dirty Public Toilets.

me and the kids have enjoyed being diapered eversince we were born. but, my wife could not feel the sameway whenever she tried some on. then, a few years ago, she developed some infection and urinary incontince followed. so, she was forced to wear and use diapers.

after a few months of wearing diapers, she overcame her inhibitions about being seen or having anyone "notice" that she was wearing sets of thick cloth diapers with plastic panties, like me and the kids were seen wearing. then, when her incontinence issues went away. my wife was left with a "phobia" about using public toilets. so, eversince then, whenever we go away on holiday, or for anywhere that the restroom facilities might be questionable. my wife will diaper herself, right after diapering me and the kids.

God Bless and keep you safe.

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i'd love to have her diaper me to

while i can relate to your comment. my wife has her hands full with changing our diapers and isn't interested in doing anyone elses. in fact, if she had her way, our kids would be changing their own diapers by now.

With everyone in the family wearing diapers, hopefully your order them in bulk. Are you all wearing the same size and brand and thus have a common storage area or do each perfer a different brand and style? Do you all wear either rubber or plastic panteies over them to prevent leaks? The laundry line must be interesting! Do you all change each other or do you perfer to change your selves.

we are primarily an all cloth diaper family. so, when we re-order, we do get a quantity order discount. likewise on the plastic panties. as for size, we each wear the same multilayered thicknesses. but, my son and i wear the same size adult large, while our daughter wears a size medium. yes, we converted a spare bedroom into our diaper changing and storage room. no, my wife doesn't allow anyone other than myself and her to do the kid's diaper changes. otherwise, i change my own diapers when my wife isn't available.

i think you are sensible given the discarded needles etc anyway a good warm weein your nappy never hurt anybody though you can get funny looks when changing it but i have converted at least three people to using them

we are primarily an all cloth diaper family. so, our SETS of cloth diapers are thick enough to handle an entire day's use, without needing a diaper change until we get home. and on those rare occaisions that my wife has checked our diapers and found it necessary to change them. she prefers to change our diapers in the car park, where there are less people passing by that will see.
thank you, for seeing the diapered advantages like we do, and "converting" others. we've enjoyed helping many others do the same.

public toilet are getting nasty looking , at least wearing diapers if one looks bad we can skip it try another but if we did not wear diapers are pants would be wet before we found the next restroom

One of the first times I pooped my panties on purpose was at a campground. It was during a concert, and my mom had taken me to several different portajohns and ther were all overflowing due to heavy use. Finally, she said, just go in your panties and I'll help you clean up., you'll get poop all over yourself, but it will be your own. I did, and I'm glad she didn't know how much I enjoyed doing it.

ooo yes i got it all!<br />
but i accident is like......i don't know, if she's wearing a diaper and someone else look at her for a long time or she's changing her diaper and another women chatches her doing it, ahd if this affected your wife or not?<br />
and.....what kind of diapers do your wife wear?<br />
I live in Mexico so there are no the same brands, personally i wear tenaslip but i would like to know which brand do your wife wear

hi, npj78,<br />
<br />
according to my wife and our daughter. several of their friends have admitted to them, that after seeing so many advertisements for disposables and seeing them on store shelves. that they have followed my wife's and daughter's lead and taken to wearing a "diaper" to use, instead of a "dirty" public toilet. but, none of them so far, have gone on to wearing sets of real cloth diapers with plastic panties, like we all use.<br />
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hi, ivy30,<br />
<br />
i'm not sure what you meant by "having an accident". in the begining, she would try "holding it" until she couldn't anymore. mainly because she was uncomfortable with wearing wet diapers. but, since she was still very inhibited about people noticing that she was wearing diapers. she made the mistake of wearing a set of diapers that were too "light" to handle her full bladder release. that "accident" was very embarrassing to her, since everyone could tell from the outline on her skirt, that she had been wearing "diapers", and WORSE, that they had leaked!<br />
<br />
it about a year for her to finally overcome her silly inhibitions about what people would "see or think", before she finally learned how to let go of her pee before waiting until she "had to go", AND started wearing thicker sets of diapers to handle her full bladder, without regards to them showing.<br />
<br />
if i didn't answer your question. feel free to email me direct for more details.<br />
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I wish more women would follow her example!

i have a question<br />
has your wife ever had an accident wearing diapers?<br />
i mean in public, when she's wearing diapers in public<br />
and if someone else specially other women noticed it

I don't blame her, I hate public restrooms as well and thus I wear diapers shopping and traveling

Wearing diapers is great!

because she is very picky about how she's diapered. especially if she's going to wear slacks or shorts. she's still somewhat inhibited about other women noticing her "VDL" (Visible Diaper lines). so, she takes a lot time smothing out her diapers, looking in the mirror, and re-pinning them until she's confident that they're not too noticeable.<br />
and, no. she doesn't trust me or the kids to tell her if her diapers show or not.<br />
but, there are times when she'll have me diaper her. and you're right. we all get something out of it.<br />
thanks for commenting.<br />