Grandma S House

I got off work put went home and put on my diapers before went to the grocery store for my grandma. On the way bac it started to the time I arrived it was pouring, so much that was soaked. I was asked to take off my clothes and put them in the dryer. To her surprise I was wearing diapers. Then she just said that as long as I'm happy with wearin them she Will not judge. So I spent many hours after my clothes were dry just hanging out an talking to my grandmother. Now whenever I go over I don't need pants... Just. Diapers.
True. Not that entertaing but I needed to share. Thank you for reading. . And maybe support.
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I like your story can you read mine type in "Messy Fun!" And " Messy Fun! Part 2. Don't forget the exclamation point after Fun! then tell me what you think thnx!

The boots and pants come off before the coat when I get home. Not needing or wanting any kind of pants just is a easy way to be.