Need And Enjoyment

I guess I wear diapers mostly for enjoyment. Although I do have a need to perform intermittent cath because of a condition that causes my bladder to backup into my kidneys. I tried intermittent caths, but it seemed to be a pain (in more ways than one), and I stumbled on the revelation that just keeping the cath in (using a foley type cath) provided more relief and I fewer infections than the intermittent cathing. I also noticed that my appetite seemed to improve when I used the long term cath for more than a few hours. I think I could go for a longer time except, I have a hard time wearing a diaper at night, and I toss and turn to much for other bag options. Sometimes, I wish I was just permanently incontinent that way I wouldn't have this inner struggle. I do wonder whether I would be come incontinent faster by using the cath or if I just wet a diaper every time I had the urge to pee...
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i think with all the super absorbent diapers these days that would always be my only choice

i tried catheters to manage my incontinence and for me NO WAY.... its impossible to climb a ladder with a cath, and do many of things i need to at work. and i move way to much at night. also i have had the worst infections with them, even doing everything "BY the BOOK" .... but thats just me

Thanks for all the suggestions

Definately go down the foley route. If you buy a couple of bags you can chop the hose off one and link it in to the system to lenghten the whole rig. I then use two cath holders (velcro type) one on my thigh then one near my ankle and hang the night bag on the end of the bed or wherever is best. I too toss and turn all night but find everything is still connected in the morning and am not conscoius of any of it so sleep better. <br />
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You have choices at the moment so dont wish down the completely incontinent route just yet, however much this idea turns you on! I am luckily in a very open relationship and both enjoy playing around with caths and diapers. So much so my now wife has a 'totally incontinent' wish she is slowly achieving using long term caths which I am in two minds about!

It might, but I don't sleep very still unless I am tied down. On the upside, I made it through the night last night.

Sometimes when I use a foley at night, I use a larger drainage bag instead of a diaper. They make them large enough that it can be used overnight and with a longer hose, I just put it on the floor next to the bed. Maybe this would work for you.