Bed Wetter Too

I too have wet the bed all my life I have never had a dry night in my life.bedwetting tuns in the family my dad wet too 18 my mom wet too 22 so my ywin sister and I were never yelled at for wetting
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Does your mattrass ever get wet or is it protected? I love the fact you wet the bed every night. Keep it up!

School years, meaning K-12, has always been a click driven entity. I found a way to empethize with those kids that weren't "click riders" as I called them. I wasn't incontinent until much past highschool so I didn't receive that kind if torture. I was an athelete and I gave my respect to people who were creative in positive ways. I had to wrestle one of my team mates once because the coach heard about a loud discussion over a smart gal who wasn't a looker. He was 2 weight classes up on me. When his arm dislocated in this little grudge match there was never a word mentioned, in poor tastse, about my smart gal friend by anybody. By the way she had wetting issues and it didn't bother me at all. I would have done the same for you had time lines matched. I did get a bloody nose in that match but I came out on top in the long run.LOL

Sounds like a good support system. Involuntary wetting or a need for diapers as an adult is one of those issues that really seem to confuse most and give Bullies an open invitation to taunt. I hope you always have that support close at hand. My mom is about the only person that knows I wear diapers all the time now and she really isn't very supportive. She tollerates the incontinence part of why I need diapers but she is uncomfortable with the style of diaper and accessories I prefer so I do my best to keep my preferences to myself. The only other support I get is on-line and sometimes I have serious doubts about what I read. After all it is the internet. LOL

belive me I was teased a lot in school I wet my pants a lot 3 4 times a week I was called ******* patty in school

YOU are fortunate that your parents understand the nocturnal enuesis condition. It gave you an oppertunity to be a whole person without the discomfort of feeling like you are some kind of freakish person. Cudos to Mom & Pop.

yes I know I was lucky my husband his parents are both still bed wetters he has allways loved it