Diapers Are Fun

i wear diapers too i wear them as much as i can cloth, plastic , pampers,even goodnites
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7 Responses Dec 1, 2007

Diapers are very nice and fun to use i love the wetness im sitting in a wet one right now, i enjoy it so much :)

Sorry...baby! Diapers can put you at ease like nothing else can.

I love to feel like a bay when I am diapered. Just to be diapered is so great!

I love diapers so much! they are so comfortable, soft and on top of that functional and useful. I started when i was 14 and now im hooked

I love wearing diapers. I can actually remember being changed when I was a small child in diapers. When my parents changed me, they would tickle me in the belly button after my diaper was securely pinned on me. It was such fun and I laughed when I was tickled!!

I feel safe and secure in diapers because i feel like a child again - when someone always cared about me and changed me

So many diaper people! I think adult diapers are a great invention, especially the disposable ones! (Please let's not get into the ecology just now.) For people with bladder disorders they're great, and for people in nursing and long-term care homes who have problems, they are a godsend. People who were once refused in nursing homes are now accepted, because adult diapers make incontinence so much easier to deal with for the staff. But I was just wondering: do you all wear diapers because of bladder or other problems, or do you just feel more safe and secure in diapers???

For me, it's because I want to. Love to feel like a baby again!