My Dad Makes Me Wear Diapers

Ok in school before before the christmas break my friends and me were daring each other to do things (like randomly screaming in the middle of class, ect.) and they dared my to pee my pants in class. I didn't want to, but my best friend told me he'd give me $10 for it. So I did it and I was sent down to the nurse to get clean pants. My mom was at work and my dad was on a buissness trip so I unfortunatly had to wear those pants all day which really sucked (the nurse had no spares). Long story short, my mom called my dad and told him that I had an accident in school. When he came back from his buisness trip he remembered about my 'accident' and asked me about it. I explained that I was dared to do it and did it on purpose and he got really mad for some reason. Basicly to shorten it what he said was: "why the hell would you **** in your pants delibretly?! If you want to act like a baby I'll treat you like a baby!" Then he leaves for a while and comes back with a pack of good nites (diapers for kids who wet the bed) and some door knobs. I was thinking like "wtf?" and he tells me that I have to wear those good nites 'untill further notice' for this and I'm not allowed to use the bathroom at all. He bought the kind of door knobs with the locks that you need a key to open on them and he replaced the door knobs on our two bathrooms with them. My mom and him both have a key for the bathrooms. He also took all my underwear too so I can't change into them instead of a diaper. Soon after this I really had to pee. I held it in for as long as could because I didn't want to go in the diaper. I didn't know what else to do so I just peed in the good nite. It filled up like a sponge and got really heavy. The diaper was really soaked and I hated it but I didn't know where to change myself because the bathrooms were locked and I didn't know where my underwear or even the other diapers were. My dad soon found out and he was still mad. He said "Come here Matt. Let me change you like the baby you want to be since you pee in your nice clean pants on purpose." I didn't want him to change me like a baby but my soaked good nite was really bothering me so I went along with it. He took a whipe and cleaned me up as I layed on the plastic sheet thing on his bedroom floor. I really didn't like that but I was glad to at least have something clean on. The next morning i woke up to a wet diaper but I was glad that at least it wasn't in my bed. I didn't want to be changed like a baby again so I decided to not tell my parents and just get used to it. Later in the day I realized i really had to go #2. I was NOT going to do this in my diaper so I begged my dad to let use the bathroom but he just said: "If you don't want to be treated like a baby next time don't stain your nice clean school pants by peeing in them." I begged and begged him and I could feel the pressure growing. Then I just gave up and five minutes later I couldn't hold it any longer and it got squished into my good nite. It was so uncomfortable. A little while later my dad asked if I wanted to be changed yet and I muttered "yes" so he took me and changed my soiled good nite and put on a new one. That was the first day wearing the good nites and no bathroom at all. Today was the 6th day and I heard my mom and dad talking and my dad was saying that he'll probably let me off from wearing diapers soon. But the problem is that I actually like wearing diapers now. It's a lot more convienient than getting up to go to the bathroom and now I'm starting to like going in my pants. I like the nice warm feeling and it reminds me of when I was little. And it's helpful because, I admit, I still have an ocasional accident even though I'm 11. I don't want to go back to wearing regular underwear and going to the bathroom in a toilet. I want to keep wearing diapers and have my parents change me. How can I convince them to let me keep wearing diapers? I was thinking I could just go to the bathroom in my pants when I go back to wearing regular underwear. What should I do? And I don't care if you don't beleive me because I know it's true.
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that is a cool story!

I think its a great idea wearing diapers tell your parents that you want to stay in them 24/7 and you love them

Uh, your profile says your 18-21 while your story says your 11. Your BSing the whole thing.

He has to be 18 to be on this dumb ***

No u only need to be 13

Whenever they put you back in underwear, just poop and pee in it then they will diaper you again :)

Just do it but this time go 2 make sure it is in white undies so it is sure to leave a stain.

Keep me saying your pants with pee and poop in school at home while you sleep and put in public

We all want something we cant have. If this is the only thing denied you in life then you are much more fortunate than the rest of us. I for one wouldn't want to be so fundamentally dependant.

I am a girl and made my first communion when i was 14 and my dad required me to wear a cloth diaper and adult plastic pants under my communion dress for the ceremony and my party.he told me they would make me feel pure like the little girls.after my bath,i had to lay on my bed like a baby and my mom powdered me then slid the cloth diaper under me and brought it up and pinned it.i then had to raise up my legs and she pulled the plastic pants up my legs and over the diaper.she then put a white tee shirt on me and tucked in to the plastic pants.she called my dad in to see me and he helped put my dress and veil on me.i wore lace socks and white shoes with the dress.the plastic pants fit me baggy and crinkled under my dress when i walked down the aisle.i was embarrassed and hoped no one heard them crinkling.

my parent wouldnt do that i wish i had parents like yours


Hey dude the same thing happened to me at te same time gust over te break.and I'm 11.

Wydro66-are you a girl? if so did you make your first communion and wore a diaper and plastic pants under your dress? tell me more about your experience.

Well you should wet your occasionaly at night and if your pqrents see that you cant control it then they might consider putting you back in diapers it worked for me i mean im 15 and i got the same problem

Tell them you want full baby treatment

Tell them you want full baby treatment

i think you should drink ALOT of water and then let it go......................try make it leak.<br />
<br />
make sure to time it right, its normaly about 4 and a half hours for liquids and 6 hours for SOLIDs.<br />
(feels soooo good.....)

u shud have wet the bed on purpose wen they took the diapers away, and told them u must have got so used to the diapers you cant controll it no more?<br />


thats an interesting story and very interesting revallation you had . perhaps tell them and be honest maybe?