My New Diapers

Hi, about a year ago I started wetting my pants, and I must admit have a slight peeing fetish. Driving to a seminar he idea crossed my mind that I should finally act on something I've been curious about for quite a while, trying adult diapers. So nervously I pulled into a WalMart and with much trepidation and a little shame, added a few items to my cart and then headed into the "personal care" section. After much debate I chose a bag of super absorbent Depend.

All day while attending one boring lecture after another I thought about my upcoming experience. After a brief workout and a light dinner (with lots to drink) I headed up to my room to try my new diapers. Not really sure what to do, I took off my pants, and undies, then decided what the heck, and took off my blouse and bra too and unwrapped my diapers.

My first thought was how light and fluffy they are and definitely won't work, but also surprised at how well padded and slightly bulky they were once unpacked. I was a little too nervous and embarrassed to fiddle with the tape and just pulled my new diaper on. I was delighted by the cozy feeling and extra cushiness on my bottom. I went into the bathroom to check my look and I must admit I did look a bit foolish but was enjoying myself anyway.

Fueled with a big glass of ice water and a giant mug of iced decaf I sat at my laptop smoking cigarettes and answering emails. Finally I had to pee and it was a most pleasant experience! My Depend quickly absorbed the wetness and I felt warm and dry within seconds. Throughout the evening I wet myself twice more, The second time my diaper worked but I felt a little damp and steamy down there. When I stood up and walked around I noticed the heaviness between my legs and the squishy feeling I now associate with a wet diaper which again is a pleasant experience.

The third wetting was a big mistake! Good thing I initially did not trust the diaper and chose to sit on a towell. I felt my legs below my diaper become warm and wet, rushed to the bathroom but too late...diaper overload. I could not hold it and pee ran all down my leg (a sweet feeling also) making a big messy mess puddle to cleanup.

So after cleanup and shower I decided to put on a "fresh" diaper for bed. Again a warm cozy feeling and I was again surprised I slept through the night without wetting it. But first thing in the morning once the coffee was going and I lit my first, and very much needed cigarette, I soaked my diaper.

After class ended today I rushed to my room to change and put on a diaper and walked about a mile to McDonald's. As I finished my meal I thought about using the bathroom, then decided, why?. So there I sat 44 years old in a crowded resteraunt, spread my legs and blissfully wet myself. My diaper again worked perfectly. And now a few hours later I'm about ready to change my second diaper of the evening.

Is it possible to get addicted to a behaviour in two days? Succinctly put, I love wearing diapers and must say it looks like wearing and using them will not be a passing fancy for me. While I'm still a little embarrassed by the thought of me in diapers, I must confess my biggest regret so far is I did not try them years ago.

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Great story thanks for sharing

Glad you are enjoying the diapers..Great for wetting anywhere you want..I have used depends underwear,like a pull-up, and that works pretty good too,but I would only wet once per depend..
I really enjoy the feeling of wetting my jeans, so I have to do it in private..Love the feeling.

First depends are not super absorbent.
they are junk diapers.

There are a number of very good diapers out there.
A+ level 4 from XP medical are good diapers.
so are Bambino Bianco

i was a bed wetter till 12 and in my 20s i started wearing again for fun and convenience.
Now at 65 after two rare autoimmune disorders left me with small fiber polyneuropathy and incontinent i enjoy wearing and the feeling of a warm soggy wet diaper

That is such a great story and a wonderful experience to share! :). I'm glad you did finally try diapers and glad that you enjoyed it so much! I would love to hear more about your wetting experiences! :)

It was a week for me to be totally addicted to them , I work outside and I like how I get a little sweaty from the plastic on my diapers I wear . I also like the way I have to waddle when they are a little wet . Never did I thought that I would take to these diapers so much .

Hi !! I'm a diaper wearer also , I use attends . Nice to meet you

Sounds great, I can identify with your feelings. Great story, thanks

Welcome to the club. Your first experience is very similar to mine. I now look forward to the diaper time I get. It's fun being out in public, knowing you're wetting yourself, and nobody knows, always brings a slight grin to my face

So beautiful, I'm addicted too

Great I wear depends too you must try some others that hold a lot more feel free to ask I will try to help just message me anytime and I will help

I feel the exact same way. I have been wearing diapers, the pull on depends, gray in color, for about a year now. I love them weather I'm driving or just sitting at home, I figure I can wet them at least twice without having to change them. I absolutely love them. I even wear them to bed. I love the fact that I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to go pee. Or lay down and go to bed, about to drift off, and have to get up. I just go in the diaper. I love the feel. Hate being without them. I can't take a smoke break, and not have to stop to go in and go pee. I can just go right there.

Have you ever tried the Depends underwear?? It is like a pullup..I don't think I'd wet more than once in it,just to be safe..Feels awesome when you wet..

Diapers are great!

Great article, KellyCares, thanks for posting it. I, too, enjoy wetting a diaper just for the pure naughtiness of it. Sometimes, on a warm summer evening I'll be on my computer and wet one pull-up after another. I really enjoy the naughty feeling of spoiling a fresh new diaper every time.
When I used to smoke, I would go outside by the pool and just let the pee flow on the exhale of my cigarette. What a naughty thrill.
I also know the comfort and convenience of wearing a diaper as you've pointed out. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories.

I was the same way in the beginning, their were times I just couldn't hold it and experimented with depends men's guards they work great for everyday use but not for travel then a got a sample pack of depends for men and poured a glass of water into one to see how much it would hold. I first drank a lot of water and diet coke and held it as long as I could them peed in a glass to see who much the depends would have to hold at one time them filled the glass with the same amount to water and poured it into the depends and it held without leaking, yea !!! I now know that I can use it twice and like you love the feeling!!! but know that I will need to change before I need to pee again.

If you like them, then wear them.

Hi Kelly I diaper too

Thanks for sharing. I enjoy the feeling of wetting myself and the nice warm sensation too. Lately I have been thinking about trying diapers too and now I just may have the inspiration needed to do it!

That sounds very cool! I think you've influenced ME to give something new a try, thank you!

Best wishes and good luck. I'm hoping you enjoy the experience very much.

Somehow I'm sure I will, I smoke too, and just how you described your experience makes me sure I'll be enjoying a cigarette and luxuriating in a new experience of my own, I just hope it works as well for me being a male....thanks!

I see no problems with a male trying diapers. I feel it takes a very sensitive (and self confident) man to admit he likes diaper and then wear and use one. Also, all the adult diapers I've tried are uni-sex, with what I call a "guy pad" in front. They are rather large, so I think just about any good quality diaper will work just fine for you. Enjoy!

Oh, and you better make sure you have plenty of cigarettes too, to help overcome the nervousness and self-consciousness of being diapered.

Sounds delightful, I usually have a good many cigarettes, this sounds like an ideal situation for drinking as well, you know you Always have to pee then!

LOL, But be careful. don't drink too much alcohol, dulls the senses and might make you susceptible to getting caught...or burning the house down with careless cigarette smoking..

Hmmmm, you make a good point, I'll keep that in mind, also, I just read your confession, and I just have to say you RULE, you make it sound so sensual and sexy, a wholehearted Thank You!

I always fold my yucky male parts back in my diaper, plus my male part is not that big anyway, but it fills the bottom of the diaper first before subsequent pee's spread out to the rest of the diaper.

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I've been using Depends for convenience for about 6 years now. Mostly for long car rides or concerts or other events. I have always had a pee fetish and wetting in regular clothes happens quite often for me but there are times I don't want to be dealing with the mess so the Depends get the nod!

Depends are a very nice diaper indeed and excellent for shorter term use. And conveniently available. For longer term use, I would recommend a better more absorbent diaper, such as Abena or Molicare. Have you experienced one of these yet?

no I haven't tried either, not sure where to find them. Being a wetter to start with the staining which usually happens after the second pee into a Depends is ok anyhow.

I've tried a lot of different brands , I personally think that Attends are the best all around ... I have just tried bambinos and was very disappointed , I've tried molicare and I liked them , tena has a sample pa k they send out but .... I'm going to stick with Attends . That's my pick

I feel the same way !! I first started wearing depends at work, once a week we would have a meeting that could last up to two hours with our new boss and their was no walking out to pee :-( I would every thing in my power to hold it and as soon as the meeting was over would run to be the first to the rest room !! So I ordered a trial pack of depends on line and two weeks later I was ready to try one out, I had done a trial run in my room just after they arrived so I was ready for his long *** meeting. About an hour and a half into it I felt the need and sat there and let it flow I tried to pee slowly so no one would hear it and filled my depends without leaking. I sat there in my wet diaper for the rest of the meeting and loved the warm feeling ;-) meeting after that were a lot more enjoyable LOL

Diapers are definitely awesome for long meetings! I know all about that. I used to work at a college, we would have all day in services. Sometimes you would have to wait 3 to 4 hours before using the restroom. Diapers were my rescuer

I am so happy that you finally had the opportunity to "try" diapers and fall in love with them. I am also happy that four years after this initial posting you are still, and even more, into being diapered. I also agree that both the feeling of a brand new fresh and soft cushy diaper is great, so is a soaked diaper.

I'm thinking, your first sentence, about starting to wet your pants, wasn't entirely intentional. Although the slight peeing fetish was.
I've enjoyed wetting since childhood. But the last few years I've started to have less control. More non-intentional wettings than not.
For protection, and so I could continue to enjoy wetting, I turned to pull-ups and started with the depends as well.
My first experience was right after buying my first package, and putting one on over my panties. Yes, after wetting my panties and the pull-up I was pretty much hooked.
I agree with most of the posted comments, having to pee and not having to worry about it is probably the best but feeling the pee splashing in my panties and the pull-up catching and preventing leaks and this happening with people all about is priceless.
Thanks for the lovely post.

Thank you for your lovely and encouraging response as well. I'm glad to see you've tried Depends, a very nice diaper! But, yes, I've found, they are not the best, unless you like feeling damp down there as you've mentioned, I sometimes do too! But often, now for more protection, need to wear/use a first quality "overnight" diaper, especially during the day in public, when the slight leaks you most often get from a Depends, may show.

Hi Kelly! Reading about some of the responses in here to your thread, I can see a little bit in my own so called issues, which I find incredibly hard to take, think, and discus, unless with a female Doctor, Therapist etc, as you quite obviously have a understanding nature and a lot of feed back of what has gone on, then I would like to put my ten cents worth in. At 51 years old and unlike you having a wetting problem since birth till teen years, with wetting alarms and screaming and frustration, and all sorts of meds, including herbal, it never really stopped but halted. In my Adult years when attending (Not sure where you are) so not sure what to class it as, but in New Zealand, I attended a full year training course at a Poloytec or adult training institution, where my Bed Wetting became worse. Sorry Kelly to cut a long story short, after very embarrassing exams and stupid bloody comments made to me by Male Uerologists telling me at my age (then) I should be well out of Nappies / Diapers, and went on to tell me most mothers have their tots out of Diapers by 2 years. So between then and now, and being diagnosed with Adult Asperger's Syndrome and a Mental Breakdown, I am now wearing Adult Molicare Super Plus at night which I am at the moment lucky enough to have the help of the local District Nursing Staff who have these supplied for me. Lastly Kelly Asperger's is a very debilitating thing to some that have it, and I have been lucky not to have the WORST form, but I do have trouble explain things and it does take me a long time. (SORRY MATE). And yes I have actually became very secure wearing them, and I find that it puts my Anxiety at ease as well. So please reply and thanks for listening. Cheers Asspie :-)

Well, this experience was definitely a life changer for me as now after all this time, I'm now a daily (and of course, nightly) diaper user. I do not wear one to work (I really want to, but still impose this limit on my behavior). I've even taken the next step and began ordering better quality, more absorbent diapers on line. I still wear Depends, the ones with three tabs that open up nicely, for short term, but prefer the security of my now favorite diapers Abenas. So, in retrospect, yes I did become "addicted" to diapers from the start. I've even begun admitting to myself, I become "mentally addicted" to wearing and wetting my diapers to justify using so many of them, as I cannot fathom giving up the pleasure, and now convenience, of either a fresh, fluffy, new diaper, or the bulky, moist comfort of wearing a wet one!!!

Glad to seethe update, kelly, and glad that you're finding pleasure in wearing and wetting. I don't think it's such a bad thing to have diapers as a "mental addiction", as long as you find joy in wearing. They're just diapers, not drugs or alcohol. Again, if more people tried them, there'd be lots more avid diaper lovers out there!

Hey, for work, give some form fitting pull ups a try. Absolutely no one will know, if you've got loose fitting slacks, or especially under a skirt. Use some form fitting undies over them for extra support , and maybe just enjoy the wet pants feel to a slightly lesser feel. You can always use the potty once you pull up is wet, and still get to enjoy your secret wetness by pulling the EET pant back on. I do it every day....

Good for you! Glad you had such good experience and thanks for sharing. Diapers rock!

Sounds like a true diaper lover to me.

Great story - and nice to see another of many who enjoy the world diapered and wet :)

Loved reading all the positive responses from the past few years... I always feel that anyone that actually tries on a diaper, for it's intended use, will soon become a diaper convert. Not saying AB's are made, just from trying on a diaper, but I think DL's can be... And even if a person just tries one on for the cushiony effect, I think many a sore butt would be soothed by the proper fitting diaper...

PS All you adult girls wearing diapers, YOU ROCK!


welcome to my world :)

I'd love to wear out and about but I'm afraid they will be noticed love to chat about this

Now Kellycares, do you really think you got hooked in two days? You deep down wanted to be in diapers, but the desire/need just took a while to surface. Good for you in going (no pun intended) with what you felt you should do. Enjoy, feel safe and secure, and yes a little childish. By the way, if you like the plastic panties for extra protection, there are some very cute ones available. If you haven't seen them already, message me and I'll fill you in.

hi want to chat? please add me

are you currently in a wet diaper? :)

Thanks for all your nice responses of support and encouragement. While it was hard at first admitting to myself I have these fetishes; acting on them and admitting it to others here was so much harder! Nice to know, now that I'm diapered daily, there are so many others just like me.

Kelly, I am absolutely blown away by the overwhelming support on this website! I just tumbled across this whole posting sessions. It is so good to see all of the positive comments, I am in my late 30s, and have enjoyed diapers for years. For the longest time I thought I was the only one in the entire world. You guys are very awesome! Good meeting everybody!

What a story ive loved dispers for years but my wife only found out last year that I wear them why did I not tell her before wish I had

Great story! You nailed it perfectly. I am sitting outside on my deck in my diaper enjoying the "morning flood". I love feeling the diaper swell with warmth! The excess that trickles down the legs only adds to the thrill!!

I enjoy the excitement from buying diapers in a store, especially when the cashier is a young female

Great story, I loved it, I have loved diapers for most of my life, read my story & you'll find out what started me off all those years ago. Love that gorgeous wet warm feeling plus the security a diaper offers, I sometimes wear plastic knickers over my diaper too, that is the ultimate feeling of security, have stood in the queue at a supermarket next to people & peed my diaper safe in the knowledge no one will know, a delicious feeling I can tell you!!
Keep on enjoying love your story, take care & keep on wetting your diaper!!

Hi, thanks for your comment. I did buy a nice set of inexpensive plastic panties from a a mail order catalog and often wear them in conjunction with my diaper when I'm out in public, and wear a booster pad as well, it gets a bit stuffy down there, but well worth the added security. Yes, I've too have wet myself while standing in line...buying a package of diapers! It was both a sensually humiliating and thrilling experience!

Although I never got up the nerve to do all that you did I can fully relate. At about your age I would often wear diapers at home, trying to keep them hidden from my wife and kids.

Great story. McDonalds will never have a better happy meal than when you go there to eat and you're diapered

How deliciously naughty. Wetting and smoking, it doesn't get any better than that. I, too, enjoy the erotic feelings that come from a cigarette and wetting, whether in my pants on the pool deck or in a diaper in my office while surfing the net. Thanks for this great post, I noticed this is from 3 years ago and the previous post on wetting is 4 years ago. I hope you will write more of your experiences and soon. Seeing as how almost 4000 people have read this post, I'm sure you know we are anxious to read more.

Good girl 8)

Thanks for sharing. It is a great feeling wearing them in public

would you like to add me

welcome to the group

Awesome story

Try plastic pants it stops the leaks and you can<br />
keep your diaper on for a bit longer <br />
have fun

Wow, sounds like you are hooked. They are quite fun to wear.

Great story! I felt weird at first ( I was 14 the first time I bought diapers) , but the beauty of diapers is they relax you, so you don't care.

Hiya Kelly,<br />
<br />
It's been a year since you posted this. Any updates? It's funny but I just started testing, and enjoying wearing and wetting a depend diaper myself. I posted all about it and have been having a blast!.

It sounds like you didn't become addicted overnight, but the desire was always there deep within (no pun intended). That feeling of security and sudden warmth is so nice, isn't it?

Great story. Too bad we can't be friends :(

If you let old fashioned ideas about wearing diapers plague your mindset about what a diaper represents then you ARE going to have a stressful time. If you manage your NEED to wear diapers as part of a lifestyle solution then diapers will become just part of everyday living. Believe me, everyday and night aint so bad if you're wearing diapers.

It is simple to become addicted in a short amount of time to something you like. However, for a lasting result past two wetting I would suggest cutting the outer la<x>yer on one with scissors, ten putting it on before putting a second one over it.<br />
<br />
I have been wearing the same depends you are and wearing two gives you something like five good sized wettings.

Kellycares<br />
I know exactly what you mean. I believe I was addicted when I first pulled them on. I've been wearing them for over 3 years now, and I am now at the point where I where them almost 24/7, I only take them off to go to work, and even then, have worn them to work a few times. Wetbabypeepants had some excellent suggestions. I have tried several different types of diapers and now order them online because you can't really get really good ones at the stores here. Shop around and try different things. I think you will enjoy the experience. I love my diapers. And try both disposable and cloth diapers as well. <br />
So, stay diapered and enjoy!!!

I won't admit to bein "addicted" 2 diapers coz i also like 2 pee in my panties (which I've found works when wearin a diaper) as well. After tryin a diaper a few times (C my 1st post in my blog section) I started thinkin abt doin it more & more & that's when I discovered EP. After that & reading abt all the things peeps do in & with diapers I'll admit that I think abt wearin them more than i should. PLUS... I discovered the joy of wetting my panties. Sooooo... I guess I'mm really addicted 2 peein. :-)

I have loved wearing diapers as long as I can remember!

Welcome ^_^, I have been addicted to diapers for as long as I can remember.

Welcome ^_^, I have been addicted to diapers for as long as I can remember.

I totaly understand the adictive nature. I tried wetting my pants and other variation but none of them have the same feel as pulling on a diaper. When I pull one on now, I almost instantaneously want to wet it, even just a bit and sometimes I have to activly hold back. But now that I am used to it, I have worn diapers to restaurants, the mall, the movies, on a plane, the beach, in the car, in bed and several other places. I have learened to be able to wet in almost any situation. I can now wet while talking to someone or when I see an attractive girl and get an erotic rush. I also wear diapers when I read these posts and when one turns me on (like your story) then I can just let go some pee and even ****** in them.

Kelly,<br />
<br />
Congrats on making the decision to go ahead and take life the way you want to, in diapers. Yes, it's a bit different choice than most others would make, but as you can tell, you've already found a great community here that accept you as you are diapers and all. <br />
<br />
And, you're right, one of the best uses is for convenience... It's underated actually since so many people like to play so deep in doodoo some times (way b-AB-yish and all...), but just using them for their intended purpose and your own damn convenience makes for a lot more comfortable day whether it's at work or at play. The constant reminder that you're getting away with something adds to the excitement of it all, I believe...<br />
<br />
Anyway, great story about your experience!<br />
<br />

Yes girl, it only takes that first time to keep you coming back. Since you don't want to leak all the time, and like that soft coziness, I know you will end up in fluffy thick cloth diapers and plastic panties. There are so many cute ones available.

Just be careful because if you wear them too often; your brain disconnects from your bladder and you can become incontinent.

Kelly: Thanks for sharing your story and glad you found a large community of others that share your "interest" ... I've also been a wetting fan and participant ... since I was a teen ... I always thought I was a little strange with regard to this, but after finding a few sites that have watersports oriented folks, guess I'm not so strange ... please keep your stories coming and, if you're so inclined, maybe share some pix ... <br />
John L.

Glad you're enjoying the nappies/diapers, just started myself recently after fancying the idea for years, it instantly seemed right and feels so cosy, I love peeing/pooing my undies but nappies are a whole new level, just magic.

Yep better late than having spent your life always wondering what it might of been like. I would also say you should try pooping in one a couple of times to. Then you will know what that feels like and wheather or not you like it. It's just a couple of times and clean up in the shower doesn't take long. Hey you only live once.

Congrads, it's a wonderful wet world

Some folks have just looked at a diaper and have been hooked even before putting it on. So...yes. What I've found (after years of practice) is that peeing while sitting down has more risk than doing it while standing up. You can also "la<x>yer" the diapers. If you "slit" the inner one, it will drain through to the outer one. I use one blade of a scissors to rip the outer covering when I "double up" my diapers. One of my complaints with disposables is that they do not wick the moisture around quickly enough, and will leak before they're completely wet...I actually prefer cloth diapers. But, you might want to try some different types of "soakers" in there. Wearing one (or more) underpants (panties, in your case) inside the disposable makes for a different sensation. I have some Curity 21x40" (or 21x21) flat fold diapers, and I will take one or two of them and use them inside a disposable, at times. The cloth helps to get the wetness spread around more quickly, thus helping to avoid leaks. Of course, if you wet them enough, any diaper will leak. Sometimes, that's the best part. =)

Great story, and yes, diapers can be very addictive but so what? If it feels good I say do it! :)

Sounds like it's a good experience. And yes it is possible to get addicted in two days. Some people, even get addicted after one wetting.<br />
<br />
I hope you continue with your experience.