How I Wound Up 24/7 In Diapers

I've been into diapers since before I was 10 years old.I guess it started out as being envious of my toddler brother. He didn't have to stop playing to pee or poop. It was also curiosity about what it felt like to just pee or poop in ones pants. Then, one day as I was playing with my little brother, he paused and made faces as he loaded his diaper. I was jealous and had to find out, so I pushed the poop I'd been holding into the seat of my Underoos. I loved it.

Mom went off when she discovered I'd messed my pants and informed me that since I wanted to be a baby, I'd be wearing diapers for the rest of the summer. In her defense, it wasn't the first time that week that I'd had "an accident". I'd peed in my pants twice while I was playing outside and she had threatened me with diapers earlier.So for a short time, I had my diapers. But she soon found out that instead of punishing me, she was giving into me.

Over the next several years, I continued to desire diapers. My dumb little brother was potty trained,, so He wasn't providing me with inspiration anymore. I continued to have my "accidents" on occasion, but I missed the freedom and babyish feelings that my diapers had provided. I experimented with pinning old towels on like they were diapers, andeven purchased some new white towels with money from my paper route. Then, around 16, I was exploring in the attic and found an old trunk. I opened it and , lo and behold, there were my punishment diapers. I was too bid for the plastic pants, and besides they were dry rotted, but I could wear the diapers if I used multiple diapers and didn't fold them. A couple of years later, I found "incontinence products" I tried the disposable diapers, and while I could pee in them most of the time without wetting my shorts or trousers, they weren't really diapers to me. I found some plastic pants in a magazine and ordered some.

In the late 80s to early 90s, I discovered the internet and sites like DPF. I found I wasn't alone in my strange desires. By then I had a good job and was able to start buying cloth diapers and plastic pants in my size. I was in heaven. I wore and used diapers almost continuously when I wasn't working, and on a couple of occasions at work (wore them that is).

In 2007, I was injured at work. Spinal bruising made me incontinent, at least temporarily. At that point, I needed diapers and even got to use them at work. As my injuries healed, I continued to wear diapers. No one except my doctor knew or knows that I no longer need them. I don't have the control I once had, but I have enough. But in 2008, I made the decision to stay in them. At work, I'm the guy whose on the job injury left him with no bladder control. Outside work, I'm a DL, and in the privacy of my home I'm an adult baby. I have some adult sized baby clothes, bottles and pacifiers. outside of work my diapers are my potty for both pee and poop. I can't say how long I'll stay 24/7, but for now I see no end to it. I'm also beginning to experience some control issues again. I wet in my sleep regularly now, and often find myself wetting in the day with out thinking about it. If for some reason I want to give up diapers, and as most here know, "diaper desires" aren't a constant thing. I've quit multiple times during my life, including during a failed marriage. Anyhow, should I desire to stop wearing diapers, I'll probably have to potty train myself

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that's very clever the way you developed this strategy. the way you're something a little different depending on the environment. i never thought about doing that. i'm not an AB, but just love diapers and always have. i just love wearing them. i tried "going in them" but that does nothing for me. but, hey, the cool thing about diapers is, you can do whatever you want. i confess, though, they turn me on extremely sexually.