I Wear Diapers For Incontinence

I become incontinent from prostate cancer nerve damage. I have to wear them 24/7.
But they are better than using catheters and associated bladder infections. By
wearing regular underwear over the briefs (I hate shields) it keeps the sound
factor down. I usually get about 3 hours of use per diaper. At night I sleep with a
heavy type attends over the briefs that fasten "diaper fashion" for added protection.

My wife is an RN and agrees this works best and keeps her dry with few leaks.
We also use a plastic mattress cover with a cloth top that makes it less "hot"
unlike the old "rubber sheets".

Its good to find others that have to deal with living "in them" .

I find it amusing that the Ab/DL's thinking it would be great to wear diapers
24/7!  It tends to get old dealing with them. But it beats wet furniture and
a public leak.
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I am 48 and have been dealing with incontinence since I was 25 caused by an injury to my pudental nerve. Fortunately it only affects a portion if my bladder..the neck and urinary sphincter. The Pudental nerve can also affect bladder contractility, erectile function and bowel function. Thank god I don't have any of those problems!!<br />
I have been managing my problem primarily with diapers but I have tried other means. Because I am very active with several sports, other options just haven't worked well for me.<br />
I just came across a new product...its an awesome diaper that has claims of being a 12 hour diaper. I ordered some samples and they are the best diapers I have ever used!! If you are active like me, use diapers and want to save some money and be confident that you won't have leaks, u gotta try these! They're called Providers Choice Active Ultra Plus and I got them at http://www.activewithincontinence.com. U gotta try em!!

@return:<br />
I completely agree with you... Why would anyone wish to curse themselves with diapers 24x7 for the rest of their lives??? It only shows the short sided thought of this wish. I must wear diapers due to a motorcycle crash from 4 years ago. From a practical point of view, diapers are best to minimize messes of clothes and furniture. Plus, if done with proper hygiene habits, will incur no infections. <br />
<br />
Aside from that diapers are expensive... I spend on average about $1500USD per year. Now I'm in my 30's... I should have another 50 to 60 years ahead of me. The math adds up quickly! I can expect to spend about $75,000 to $90,000USD on diapers alone for the duration of my life. This does not factor in the cost of medical examinations or doctor visits. Imagine what could be done with that money if I didn't have to wear diapers...