Diaper Punishment

so this is how it all started i was in the basement of my babysitters hows when i was about 7 and i had to pee bad and their was a baby diaper o the back of the cough so i graded it and pulled down my pants a wet it as i started tom pee my baby babysiter daughter walk it and saw me and told her mom and i was called up stars and told tom take my pants off and lay on the floor and she put me in a dry diaper and made me where it all day and i was not allowed to use the toilet i had to use the diapers for my poop and pee and then about 2 days later i had a accendent in my pant on her couch and agen i was put in diapers all day and made tom use them and about 4 day after that i poop my pant on accident and Agen put in diapers all day and then next 3 day i wet my pants every day and was put in m diaper for the day all 3 days and this was a on going thing untell the babysiter told my mom but she all retry knew because i would have accidents at home to and my mom would also put me in diapers to one day i was getting ready to go to my babysitter house i wet my pants and my mom took me to her house in diapers and i spent the entire week in them and had to use them then one day my mom took me to the doc and found out that i had a medical condition from the meds she took that cased my rite hand to be under developed the problem was that my bladder and bowls never fully developed and are the size of a 2 year or 3 year olds so i will never have full control so after that day i was put in diapers all the time and never made to use them under force but i Chose to never use the toilet agen so i used my diapers i found it easier to just let them change my diapers but when i was 12 i was shown how to do it my self and change my diapers
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I like the convenience that diapers provide. I choose to wear a diaper almost 24 hours a day.

sorry.. but it's hard to read since there's a lot of grammar mistakes and miss-spelled words

Umm... Great

uh, ok, nice story, i guess