My Trip To The Mall In Diapers

This morning, I decided to visit the nearby mall, and try out how well my diapers work in tight jeans.
I usually carry my stuff around in a side-bag, I decided to be there at the mall for a few hours and stay in diapers the entire time, so I put two diapers into the bag, then left home.

When I arrived at the mall, I had to go poop. I entered the restrooms and found an empty cubicle. I pulled my jeans and underwear off, sat down on the toilet and pretty quickly released 2-3 turds and some big farts. After that, I wiped, then took off my shoes, jeans, and underpants.
I pulled out a diaper from the bag, and put my underpants into the bag, then I put my jeans and shoes back on.

I usually diaper myself while standing up, so I put the back of the diaper against the cubicle's wall, pressed my bottom against it, pulled it up between my legs, and taped it shut securely. I pulled my jeans up and buttoned the fly shut. So far, the jeans fit the diapers comfortably, and the diaper fit into it completely.

I flushed the poop down the toilet, then came out, washed my hands, and left the restrooms.

It felt very comfortable walking around and sitting down, it looks like when tight jeans pick up enough body heat, they become elastic enough to accomodate diapers comfortably.

I checked out various shops, then I entered the Tesco supermarket. I decided to drink something to make myself pee sooner. I reached the drink section and was wondering whether to choose Gatorade or Monster energy drink. I chose Monster because it's high sugar content will speed up my system a bit and make me pee sooner. Unfortunately, Monster Khaos, which is my favorite flavor, isn't available in Hungary, so I choose Original, which I also like.

I continued exploring the supermarket, mainly the electronics section, while drinking my 500ml dose of Monster.
Sure enough, after about 15 minutes, the urge to pee hit me, while I was looking at the selection of XBox 360 games.
I continued looking at them, relaxed, and started peeing. It was a nice feeling, standing there, feeling relaxed and calm, while I felt the pee stream beating against the inside of the diaper, and the warmth of pee spreading around it.

The stream stopped. I started walking around to feel the diaper absorbing it while my legs are moving. Right when I started moving "Blah Blah Blah" from Ke$ha started playing on the radio. I remembered how someone told her that she smells like a shrimp in a diaper and I chuckled a bit.

The soaked parts of the diaper expanded and hardened but my jeans had no problem accomodating them. The jeans took up the warmth of my pee from the outside of my diaper and radiated it all around my crotch area. I got an erection, which went limp a few minutes later.

I paid for the drink, then went out of the supermarket to walk around other areas of the mall too.

Some time later I had to pee again. I was near the big decorative fountain the mall has. I looked at it and listened to the flowing water, and released my pee into the diaper.

It was again, readily absorbed and my jeans expanded without problem.

 My diaper can usually only accomodate two big wettings, so I walked around, wearing them for a bit to enjoy the feeling, then I went back to the restroom to change them.

I again, entered a cubicle, pulled down my jeans and sat down for a bit onto the toilet, with the lid closed. I enjoy looking at myself while I'm diapered, so I just sat there for a few minutes, admiring my thick, white diapers. I became erect again, my erection comfortably fitting into the nice, thick, warm, soft, pee-soaked fold of the front of my diaper, and I drummed on the front of my diaper for a bit, though I didn't really want to **********, so I stopped, took off the diaper, and rediapered myself into the fresh one.

I ate a bit at McDonald's, and peed while drinking my soda, and peed again some time later while sitting on a bench.

After that, I went to the bathroom, took off my diaper, replaced them with my underpants, and went home.

It looks like even tight jeans can accomodate my diaper well.
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i wear jeans with my pullups and neve have any sort of problems with them and they dont show