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Hey, Im new to this group so if you don't really understand a point in the story got to my profile and read some of them. But ill tell you a little bit now. Im 14 years old going on 15 soon. And i need diapers. It started 4 months ago. My moms really protective so she makes sure im getting the right help i need. I go to a boarding school with people that have issues. I went to a public school but i was bullied badly for my problem. Now i'll tell you a little story from awhile back. And make sure to check my profile to see the stage im on. But this is from awhile back like i said.
So for school we need a gym credit. And depending on the teacher you have to some atheltic choice. So i went with the teach that i had lasr month. (This is from Public School) She new about my little problem and never discouraged me in anyway. So when the time came around for us to do somthing my class and i had to do Rope climbing. I was so worried when i heard about this because im afraid of heights. And people with a bad bladder like me, or that have a similar issue, can't control it.
So when i was getting change in the nurses bathroom (were i usally change to avoid the bullys) i looked in my bag, there was, baby wipes, diapers with elmos in them; and i was not impressed with wearing them because the people with bully me even worse. But my mom got them because they we're cheaper and i could fit it to them. So i had the regular stuff in my bag except for my gym shorts. I wanted do it another day but they only stayed up for one day. And i didn't want to FAIL. I asked the nurse if she had any shorts. And she did. But they were 2 sizes to big. But they had to do. So when i got there, some girls in a group started gigling because they could see the brim of my diaper. I covered it up.
But then the next thing i knew i had to go up and climb. So when i got up to rope my teacher said goodluck. So started climbing. I got half way to the rope, and i felt good. I didn't wimp out. But then i climbed about 10ft more and i looked down and pee'd, and i got really embaresed because that was the last diaper. And she said dont worry, 10 more ft, and she new i had soiled. So i started climbing again. 3 more feet i had #2. And i was so scared because i had to go 2 more periods with a dirty diaper. The next thing i knew kids started laughing. And i noticed my shorts fell off. They we're screaming and yelling, some girls were crying with laughter. One kid screamed "He **** himself look" and i knew their that i rather just die. Becuase everyone could see the accident i made.
Also i am very shy about my issue. There's one grade 4 in my school like wets in the day time, and the nurse changes him. I can have the same thing but, i rather not somone else clean my embarresment up.
When i got down the rope, somone had ran off with the spare shorts. And only had and elmo diaper that was dirty. The teacher gave me a towel. And my mom picked me up. I was crying so hard. I then got home and cleaned up. And that was the last day of that school. My mom had thanked the teacher. But annouced my other teachers i was leaving.
Thanks for reading. If you could just comment and let me know of any cool ideas to get over my "issue" what im trying now is going back in time. And re starting my age. And working back up to 14. Each week counts has 1 year. If you want ill post some more. But thanks for lettng me share with you guys.
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thxs for the comment. Im not sure yet, im suposed to get check ups on it soon. I can take medicine for it but thats harmful. And its good ty :p

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I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties through school. Have you been diagnosed with any physical disorders? How is life at the new school?