Helping My Girlfriend With Supporting My Diaper Fetish

A couple months ago I revealed to my wonderful girlfriend that I have a diaper fetish. She immediately accepted me for who i was thought it was cute. Since then she has tried wearing them and says that she enjoys them. To help my girlfriend out I gave her complete control of when I could wear diapers to help her ease into understanding my fetish. This went on for about a month, until recently when I revealed that i wanted her to have 100% control of every aspect of my diaper wearing(when i can change, if i have to use the #1 or #2, etc). I wore one to work without asking her so she punished me by making me wear diapers for two days. Those 2 days of my life was nothing but talk about diapers. She was being very strong in trying to support me but all of that was too much for her. She says that in time she will be ok but I was very greedy for those two days and neglected her and made it hard for her to deal with this. I need help controlling my urges to tell everything i want to tell her and easing into this whole aspect of our lives with my girlfriend. She is perfect for me and completely accepts me for who I am, but I dont want to scare her away from my fetish, I want things to be like they were for those 2 days but I dont want to neglect her and do nothing but talk about my diapers and what i was doing in them etc. Anyone else have this same situation? Any advice I can get would be much appreciated. I've been wearing diapers for a while but have never revealed this to anyone and am struggling keeping everything in. I'm new to the online community and would love to talk with someone.
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You can't give a girl that much control so fast let her decide on her own time or you will mess up more than your diaper

There's so many different aspects to diaper wearing to contend with, maybe you should introduce her to EP and let her browse a bit, perhaps together, so she can see what turns you on and what doesn't. Honestly, my wife and I usually don't do so great at trying to do EP together, but maybe it will work for you. My wife's had 20+ years of diaper-fun knowledge and lots of (sometimes painful) history during that time that affects how she views social media like EP, and that's partially why we trip whenever we try it together. BUT, for the uninitiated, it can save you lots of time trying to explain things if she can come here, read about it, know what she likes/dislikes and you can both discuss it from there. It's not "the answer", but it might be part of the solution. Going it solo (explaining it to her) sort of reinforces the idea of how different you are from other "normal" vanilla partners, whereas, finding places like EP and Fetlife that have durable (not email) social conversations (that can be added to over time) with like-minded people might help her to realize how different and unique each person is. <br />
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Also, identifying HER own special sexual fantasies and being fully committed to exploring them with her is another way to give each other pleasure in the thing that brings you each that special feeling, whether it be diapers or whips or multiple partners, etc. <br />
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Life is too short to spend time mulling it all over. Go out - have fun - be comfortable - you're adults - make the best of life and enjoy yourselves behind closed doors.<br />
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i told a girl once but it just was too weird, now I want to tell my current girlfriend