My Diaper Story

As early as I can rememeber I've always wanted to wear diapers. My earliest memory of diapers is that one day my mother forced me to wear regular underwear. I remember kicking, screming and crying, my mother immediately put my diaper and plastic pants back on, I was happy after that. I can not remeber when I finally accepted wearing regular underwear. My next memory of diapers is, one day when I was 4 years old I was plundering in our storage in the basement and found a pair of plastic pants that I used to wear. I tried to put them on but they were too small. I was really fascinated by these plastic pants.

My next diaper experience came when I was about 10 years old, one day while exploring the river bank behind our house I found an old diaper and I was immediately drawn to the diaper. By this point I had forgotten about diaper but this trigger something that was hidden deep down inside me. I cleaned the gel from the diaper in the creek and wore the diaper from time to time. I even replaced all the padding in the diaper using dried moss from the woods across the creek. From this point on when I found a old diaper I would clean the diaper and wear them. As you would expect I spent considerable amount of time in the woods wearing these diapers. At one time I had quite a collection. I still remember where my hiding place is in the woods, it was an old tree stump that had a hole at its base, I would place the diapers into the hole for safe keeping.

My first experience with a real diaper came when my little cousin was born. I spent a night at my cousin's house when he was around 2 years old. I slepted in the room where diaper changes were always done, it just so happened to be the room where extra diapers where stored. When every one was finally in bed I took one of the new diapers. While laying in bed I placed the diaper under my underwear, wow what an experience, the excitement was so great , there aren't enough words to describe my feelings.

My next experience with a real diaper came when I finally reach the age to drive. One weekend I decided to go hunting, while driving to my hunting spot I decided it was finally time to buy my first package of adult diapers. I stopped at a Rite Aid and bought my first package of adult diapers. They were the Rite Aid brand diapers that they used to sell (better than Depends), they were in a white package and cost 7 dollars and some change. I was so nevervous when I brought the diapers to the counter, when the store clerk ranged them up on the register, I handed her the money shaking badly. One the way to my hunting spot I could not wait to put one on so I stopped at a convinence store to use the rest room. I went into the store with a diaper in hand and asked the store clerk for the key to the bathroom. I bet she was wondering why I had a adult disposable diaper in my hand that was really huge compared to a baby diaper. I got the key and went to the restroom and put the diaper on. I went back to the clerk and gaver her the key back and she gave me a really sweet smile, I sure bet I was beet red.

All I can say is that the rest is history, I wear every chance I can get. I finally met and married the women of my dreams and when I told her that I liked to wear diapers she was really receptive to my diapers. We even experimented with diapers together, but she decided they were not for her. I will have to say that she is really supportive of my diaper wearing desires.
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Congratulations on finding a woman who is tolerant of diapers. Gives hope to every other guy out there looking for that girl.