Put In Diapers And Spanked

I want to tell you a story of an adult that was forced back into diapers. I walked in from work and my girlfriend was waiting on me she had found out that I had a pack of Attends diapers. She knew that I was into diapers at one time before I meet her. I told her that I was over that because she was not into the diaper thing. I was in for a shock that day . She told me to take off all my cloths because I was going to become her little girl. I did as I was told and she took me into the bathroom as gave me a enema. Before she put the tube in my but she took lubricant and put  her two fingers into my *** i ask what she was doing and she said it would make the enema go easier. she took out a ***** with a tube attached to a enema bag and put the big ***** in my *** and I started to get a hard on then the warm water started going into my *** as it did I started *******. when she seen this she was mad and told me that I was in trouble. when we got finished with the enema she had a paddle and told me to bend over her knee and she paddled my *** until it was hurting bad. I was told to go into my new room and lay down on the changing table. A laxative was put in my bottom and a diaper was put under me then she put desitin on my diapered area and I was enjoying the feeling of the diaper cream being rubbed on me. Then the baby powder was rubbed in and I started to *** again and this was not good because she said that I would pay for that. The diaper was a disposable pink diaper with baby print on it. the diaper was fastened with thee tapes and I was told to stand up and a pacifier was put in my mouth and a dress was put on me. the dress was short and came to the top of my diaper. she then put baby style shoes on me with pink ruffle laced socks on me. I was told to get in the car because she needed to go to the store to get her little girl some baby food I told her that i did not want to go dressed like I was she told me that I did not have a choice because I would be dressed like this from now on. we went to a food city and I told her that I needed to use the bathroom and she told me that is what the diaper was for I tried to hold it but the laxative had done it's job and I filled my diaper in the middle of the baby supplies in food city. I had to waddle around doing the Poppy diaper walk all the way to the car. I have more and if you like this one I will write more let me Know.
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I can understand that. Im only a teen but i get spanked and diapered a lot. i try to be a good kid but my parents expect everything to be done right. I've been kept in diapers a lot since i was 12 cause apparently im immature and if im kept in just a diaper they can just rip it off and spank me in the diaper position and put a new one on. i think thats a much bigger deal than the spanking, i hate it and im almost 15. getting way to old for it

yes more please

More please