I Wear Diapers Most Of The Time

I am a 19 year old girl and I wear diapers most of the time. I have very little bowel control so my mom made me wear diapers since I was 13. I would always wake up in the morning with pee and poop in my panties ,now in my diapers.It does not matter where I am ,if I have to go it just comes out. I can feel it coming out and filling my diaper but can do anything to stop it. I get embarrased sometimes when it happens in public place and I will cry.You would think I would get use to it since it has been happening for so long.Well , you don't. It is a little easier when my mom comforts me and you have true friends that understand and still like you.I even have 2 friends that stay at my house once in a while and wear diapers with me so I don't feel to embarrased .Now that is true friendship.I been wearing diapers for a long time and I do not think I will ever be able to get out of them. I sometimes put panties on to see what they are like but I don't feel secure to wear them so I am diapered. I do like the way the diaper feels on me and I do like the warmth of peeing in them and Sometimes I get excited when I poop in my diaper and it smears all over my bum and my front.I sometimes may want out of diapers but I would miss them if I did get out of them. I would be afraid to wear panties all the time and be in a public place and pee and poop in them in front of people.It would be really embarrassing . Diapers keep me looking dry and keep me from pooping down my legs.I guess I would prefer to be in diapers .
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Ma'am if we met, I would gladly help, I myself am a 20 year old male who only wears at home. I would however not be embarrassed to be seen in public with you. I bet you are very pretty. Please enjoy life.

You are far from alone. I'm wearing a diaper right now.

If I could wear them all the time; I would!

I,m wearing a wet adult pamper right now. Diapers are great!

I'm glad u love diapers. U rock. Best story ever. <3

if you could change the way you are would you thats a question you have to ask i feel for you in the embarrassing situations i would like to have less control over my bladder and bowels have been trying but its hard

Try going for one week without a toilet or diapers. It is fun. I'm sorry that you don't have great control but I would luv to wear them full time

Incontinence, in my mind, is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about! I give kudos to your mom and those friends of yours, for they sound like they are true friends! Cherish them! I, too, would be pleased to be a friend of yours just like they. I'd say just "let your hair down" 'cuz the smell of poop doesn't bother me that much. Even if I saw a leak, I would continue to be a friend, as I'm guessing so would your mom and good friends. I would advise strengthening your pelvic floor muscles whenever u can.

I recommend reusable diapers (if you don't have 'em already), because they are more cost-efficient than disposables. Just throwin' that out there. Did you know there's such a thing as a swim-diaper? Yes, you can still enjoy the water! Absorbing pee means also absorbing pool/ocean, so the absorbent would be useless for swimming. I advise trying the swim-diapers that specialize solely in containing your mounds of poop, coming in brands such as Kiefer, Swim-ster, and My Pool Pal. And make sure swim diaper size is small enough for a tight, very snug fit. You can put the POO in POOL, hehe.

I hope u wear a tampon when u poop, just in case poo starts filling the front of your diaper. Unlike pee, poop is not sterile. They say to wipe front to back, for that very reason.

There are some people getting carried away about how "sexy" it is. To be real, Biggins, that is not appropriate, especially since you're answering a girl barely into her adulthood. So be sure and refrain from commentary of how it "turns you on." Okies wit' you?

i love to wear diapers also and i am 29 years old i like it when i pee and poop in them it also turns me on when i see women in diapers and when they pee and poop in thme i think it is sexy

I use because I like it.
What is the brand of diaper you use, it can resist all day. I used a brand that was all empelotada cotton landed at the bottom. Gave the greatest shame. What I do.

i like your story . i have to wear 3 pampers diaper each 1 is thick and the reason why i heavily wet my self all the time and 1 time i bad so my mom put me in panties over my diapers and a lot of teachers change me at school i even had to wear just a diaper in the learning center because it is easier for teacher to monitor my diaper

I love your story, I wish it was easier to meet more people like us. im from ontario and would dream of meeting a girl who like diapers. Even if i did there would be no way to know. I keep my diaper thing pretty secret..

You are very sweet! I have some problems at the moment front and back, I don't like dirty pants or diapers, wet ones are OK for me, I have been wearing them at night for many years for pee. But I am hoping to have my rear end fixed in the next three weeks, if that is possible. I have defective nerves on one side of my body but it is just that place only and doesn't show anywhere else. I wish you well, sound like you need the specialist care I am going to get, testing my rear end nerve/muscle control, sensory nerves are useless.


Well jasmine93 I've read all the posts and everybody including me support you 100%. I'm glad that you have your friends at home support you 100% as well, to go as far as to wear diapers w/ you, that's just great. Know that we all here wear diapers w/ you too. I know what embarrassment is as well. I get electro shock therapy and everytime I wake from the anethesia at the VA hospital, I'm wet and poopy. I'm druged and barely coherent and the nurse doesn't even change me or wipe my bottom, so I have to lay in it until they come to pick me up from upstairs and take me back to my room. One time (the same nurse as always) gave me one wipe for me to wipe my bottom and I can barely move. Is that cheap or what? I really needed a half a dozen wipes and she still had me laying in it cause my bed and pjs were stilll wet and poopy, so it didn't even help at all. I find alot of nurses haven't a care for anyone. Not even patients in need. Just like most they went into the field and do that job, just for the money. She knows I'm incontinent and has said so to the other doctors and still wont diaper me or help in need. Or maybe one diaper is too expensive. Another nurse was going to give me this bottle to pee in while I was knocked out, but how do I keep my short penis in a bottle when I'm under anethesia, when the bottle has to be manually held there, so it would just fall out and get all over me anyway and as back up they put a pad under me. Well, that doesn't help me, bc I still get wet. They just don't want to use those diapers and they have stacks of them. The embarrassment is compounded when I have to go back to the mental ward, which is an open ward and all my fellow vets see me in my wet ant poopy pjs. Such humiliation and it all could be prevented with just one diaper. So, I feel your pain for the lack of control I am glad you have diapers that you get to wear to prevent further embarrassment and you have a great support group with your mother & friends supporting you 100%, bc I have 0% support. I'm also glad you have come to like your diapers like I have and you enjoy them. That is half the battle. Good for you. I feel naked and insecure w/o my diapers too.<br />
<br />
I also suffer from IBD, a bowel disease and alot of times I suffer what you go through and I need to wear diapers alot. Sometimes I go in remission and do get a reprieve. I also suffer from chronic prostititis, which there is no cure for, bc it's not bacterial and it makes me have wetting problems due to frequency and urgency and post urinary dribble, so if I can make it to the toilet and finish, once I leave the bathroom I start going in my pants and I don't even feel it till the wetness hits my underpants, and most the time I go to urninate and end up having a bowel movement in my pants, so really I need diapers 24/7 like you, but am so scared, bc I think it's more acceptable for women to wear diapers then men. Women more often then men have incontinence issues and it might even be cute that women wear diapers. I've never heard anything negative about women wearing diapers. But men on the other hand, society is very against this. I say this, bc I was in a restraraunt and even though my diaper wasn't showing the waitress noticed the bulge showing and got on me about wearing a diaper. She was pissed and she didn't even know my situation and diseases. Another time in the same restrauant a couple dinning there were upset and mad at me bc I was wearing a diaper and they didn't know my situation and diseases either. Yes I do like to wear diapers and thick ones, bc they are reliable and don't leak for the most part, but at the same time I really should wear them, so as to not dirty my pants. Now I have not been wearing diapers as much lately, but I dirty my pants all the time, so I need to go to 24/7 diapers and will when I move out of here. Going back to my needed diapers will give me alot more confidence and I don't give a crap what the strangers in public say, well I can't say that, really does hurt when they hate me bc I'm wearing a diaper, but I can take care of myself and kick there *** if need be. I know karate and I'm a seasoned fighter and have used karate many times in the past. Though I can break a man's windpipe and stop his heart killing him. I've found all I have to do is come close to breaking his windpipe and stopping his heart, which I've done and they will stop fighting, just like that and shut up, bc they feel like there going to die, but don't.<br />
<br />
Well good luck to you sweatheart and enjoy those diapers. I know I will.<br />
<br />

I am still new to EP site. So I am trying to learn all the friends request and messaging. I want to say here publicly that I am also happy that you have true friends that can support you.<br />
<br />
I would like to offer my help, but not sure of the distance involved. But here is my vision on how I could help you. You want to try life in panties, but know your control (lack of) won't allow it? Ok. I'd be more than willing to take you away for the day. With several changes of clothing (diapers just in case it is too much to bear) But we could go somewhere and just walk around a park or picnic. Some place outside, but not too public. This would allow you to feel the big girl underware. If accidents happen no sweat! What would you think about doing that?

I do feel sorry for you Jasmine. I really do. :-( You know the saying, "Nobody's perfect" since we're not all perfect. Do you change yourself or does your mom? And I'm glad you put your diapers to good use.

You are not alone. I'm still wearing diapers too because I wet the bed almost every night :)

I love your story dear, I love diapers and more than that I love peeing and pooping in them, I also love to pee and poop in my underpants and get all nasty and dirty. I hope you will write back so we can chat and talk about any fantasies or wishful dreams. :)

Hi Jasmine, I would be very happy to change your diapers for you. I would use an nice warm cloth to clean you all up and then gently rub powder all over your bottom and some on your front before putting on your new diaper. Staying with you sometimes I would help you rush to the bathroom, take off your diaper and help sit on the toilet to pee & poop. Then I would wipe you clean.

You are lucky to have your two friends who not only understand you but join in with you. I'm not surprised that you discovered a little pleasure in the whole diaper experience- I did too.

i have that same problem. but my parents never let me wear diapers, they only hit me when i soiled my pants. now i feel sick and dont know how to help myself.

Do your two friends pee and poop theirs? Are they male, female? Who changes you?

I totally sympathize with you. That must be awful to not have control in the daytime. I've been a bedwetter for almost four years now and to me that's embarrassing enough. I can't image what you must go through having to worry about it all the time. I think my bedwetting is caused by stress. At least, that's what the doctors say. Sometimes, if I'm kinda sick, I'll wake up with poop in my diapers too though usually it's just pee. I do have my "dry streaks" though, which always make me think I'm getting better but never last very long. I probably don't help my situation much either because when I do wake up dry in the morning or any time of night, if I have to go, I use my diaper rather than getting out of bed and trying to make it to the bathroom. That probably just makes my bladder weaker. But I have to admit, I like the way diapers feel and the warmth from wetting them can be very comforting. So, like you, I think I'd be a little lost if I all of sudden was "cured" and didn't need to wear them. Where are you from? I live in Rhode Island. I'm always trying desperately to find a nice girl to hang out with who doesn't freak when she sees I wear protection.

great post! what do you wear? can clothes hide it well enough?

that is how i feel , be safe in a diaper or sorry in messy jeans and wet and everyone knows