I Was The Babysitter

It was a while ago now i was babysitting a 12 year old girl over night while her parents went out. The night started fine the girl i was watching Emily came out she was wearing a pink skirt and a white T-Shirt i was wearing black leggings and a white shirt. I suggested we watch a movie and Emily said alright i couldnt help but noticed she walked a little weird but i thought nothing of it. i sat down on the couch as Emily got the movie when she bent over it made sense under her skirt was a diaper. I was shocked i blurted out "oh my god is that a diaper" at the emily broke down in tears.

i felt super guilty i tried to comfort her but she kept saying how weird she was that she had to wear them all the time sobbing. Out of desperation to make her stop i said " ill wear one too if it makes you feel better"
"you would" she replied and rushed of to her room
When she returned she had in her hand a pull up i took it from her and went into the bathroom. i slid out of my leggings and took off my panties the diaper was soft and i pulled it up and fit snugly against my hips. i put my panties and leggings back on and went back out to watch the movie.

in the middle of the movie i had to go pee but Emily was sleeping on my lap i really had to but she looked so cute. i decided to use my diaper. i started to pee slowly at first and th warmth spread through out my crotch and up my butt it felt so good and the diaper was getting thick between my legs. You could hear a hissing sound as the pee hit the diaper after i finished i sat there in it till the end of the movie
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4 Responses May 21, 2011

Now doesn't feel good just to Pee it all out in your Diaper? The thickness is better when you have Lotion and Baby Powder in your Diaper!!

that's a funny little story. It was nice of you to let her sleep. It's a diaper there's no big deal if you pee in it, that's what it's made for. Was this the first time you wore a diaper as an adult?

thats sexy,i love that same wet,hissing,sluicing sound when you whizz away into your diaper or pants

Hot first diaper expereince. Hope you still doit sometimes.